Manifest — is a small stock store of clothes, books and vinyl. And next to the workshop, where repair and tuning cars. The gc ~ 0 y h i z Z Ruys are doing something, that like: they dig in old BMZ L | r *W, sell jeans and t-shirts. This is an unusual format of the store, in which it’s great to spend time. Style is given by thiE { K z v Fngs, an old brg 2 5 t A 4ick wall and a carpet. Retro signs and font complete the picture. All things selected and tested — t% T z s v [ S @ }he taste of these guys can trust. I came up with a logo system for them, picked up colors anJ $ J 8 _ .d peL + ) – 3 Srformed the cyrillic oo @ H ` { M ~f the font, mc . ? V H M ] vade the design of business cards,5 U B e Y ; stickers and packan ` x / Z j D {ges.

Client: Manifest Store
Task: design logo, brand assets, dz _ 8 n _ ( Fesign brand identity printed and digital items.
Design: me.
Year: 2017


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