Success depends not on dreams and hopes, but on hard work and practice.


Don’t sa\ ; U G G M Hy yoV ~ eu can’t do it! You are a person and you can do it!

3、觉得自己做的到和% k L = w q g p不做的到,其实只在一念之间。

I feel that wha, ) # w ot I do and what I don’t do is in fact only in the middle of an idea.


Success will never give up anyone, only you give up success.


Don’t coK 4 o 0 _ h Y _mplain when you are in trouble. Since you can’t char ] B G B 5nge the past, try to change the future.


When people value opportunities, they are inevitably dominated by them.


Diligence is the c+ ( tode of your li; 0 Pfe. It can translate a magnificent epic.


Don’t be afraid to pick roses for fear of being hurt by the thorns of roses.


No matter when you start, it’s important not to stop after you start.

10、不为外撼,I D w Q j不以物移,而后可以任天下之大事。

Not for external shocks, not to move things, and then can let the world’s major events.


To defeat oneself is the me \ o 3 L Q ) I most tragic failure, and to defeat oneself is the most valu6 { Z A C r 7 e Cable victory.

12. D J y u、什么叫做失败?失败是到达较佳境地的第一步。

What is? S \ @ n a l – $ failure? Failure is the first step to a better situation.


W* p then a great man really stands in fron} K 1 ~ ut of you, you; ^ h x ~ C { ! S will feelj r 4 b that he is shorter than you.

14、没有做不成的事情,只4 1 8 b B K有做不成事情的人。

There is no impossible thing to do, only the pers) 9 4 W w x U _on who can’t do it.B A X


Those who can only walk on cement will never leave deep footprints.

16、山路| 3 R f + ? z : C曲折盘旋,但毕竟朝着顶峰延伸。

The mountain road twists and turns, but after all, it extends tov T 9 hwards the peak.

17、如果你觉得现在走的辛苦t m a *,那就证Q % 3 O e )明你在走上坡路!

If2 r N Q yQ w + T J @ 5 )ou feel that y` 0 4 Fou areX = n 4 D going hard now, it will prove that you are going up the hill!

18} * q 5 ~ 1 3、记住:你是你生命的船长,走自己的路,何必在乎其它。

Remember: you are the captain of your li[ U ) q f \ Ff) ) ? f 8 q l De, go your own wv Q / m 3 Lay, why care about other things.

19、3 y 7 g生命不要求我们成为最好的,只要求我们做最大努力。

Life does not require us to be the best, it only requires us to do our best.


Water droplets that penI ) , k 8 d {etrate rocks, their strength comes from the accumulation of time.

2J 4 G1、每个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。

Everyone har U w a O , # Es at least one dream and one reasog D F Y D 9 q \n to be strong9 } i.


Once talent is dominated by l– A paziness, it can do nothing.

23、如果不想Q 4 ?被打倒,只有增加| c t m自身的重量。

If you don’t want to be knocked down, you have to increase your weight.

24、英雄的事U u @ Q v 6业必定包含着艰险,如果没有艰险也就不成为J 6 F j英雄了。

Hero’sl z , career must contain hardship, if there is no hardsh2 V L 2 # f Aip, it will not be a hero.

25、萤火虫的光点虽然微弱,但亮着便是向V Z 1 x U F !黑暗挑战。

The light of fireflies, though weak, challenges the daw o @ n z zrknQ U l w . )ess.


Only with struggle can we makeC 5 t / \ \ O Z w progress, only with st6 z v ,ry ( v B 8 Ouggle( v b 5 2 N a can we achieve results, and only with struggle can we succ, E v Q Feed.


Life is like weather, predictable, but often un$ * & f G E g ,expected.


My highest principle is: never give in to any difficulty.


People breathe when they are alive. Exhaler, breathe out; Inhaler, struggle for breath.U w t U ] a o e [

30、立志欲坚不a z ? m `欲锐,成功在久不在速。

Desire for perseverance is not keen. Succ/ * Gess is not quick in a long time.

31、只有胜利才能生存,只有6 / p成功a z Z才有代价,只有耕耘才有收获。

Only victory can survive, only success canz Q g = w 9 cost, only hard work can gain.


Life can not be carried out with a mind, even though life is a hundred years old.


Accompanying chilB j Mdrenu [ – e G X y 4 to read and growL e 1 Z , { up is an indiviW 4 % a | 5dual, giving chill M W Idren the idea of growing upJ f ! S is a talent.


When nobody pw p N ? f f P 6ays attention, be firm and persistent.e & n 8 A When p. Q Z #eople admireS Y @ [ X ? j, their hearts stop flowing.


Before we kn; x |ow what life is, we have spent half of it.

36、亦余心之所善兮,虽九i ( o死其^ u V g G犹未悔。

H1 J j m _ ? q #e who has spared no effort to do good has never regretted his nine deaths.

376 . /、拼命去争取成功,但不要期望一定会成功。

Desperately strive for success, but don’t expect to succeed.


Don’t worry about tM ` thiN a #ngs that can be solved; it’s no use worrying about things that can’t be solved.


The greatest joy of life isU \ 5 o ] : that everyone says you can’t do it, but you have finished it!


A man i% Y F os not necessarily poor without money, but he is destitute without dreams.


Desert is beautiful because there is an oasis not far away.

42、泉水,奋斗` L Q t k 6之路越曲h % A折,心灵越纯洁。= 3 v ( B 9 X

Spring, the more tortuous the road to struggle, the more pure the soul.

43、如果一个人不知道i ] ! 5 L k k F 8他要驶向哪个码头,那么任何风都不会是顺风。

If a man does notQ m & 8 & q t know which pier he is hy J 7 C P #eading for, then no wind will go downwind.


The only time you need to look back in your lifE # Z E 2 Y ? i pe is to s* G S U e o R U ,ee how far youz } ? have come.

45、富人靠资本赚U n S钱,穷人靠知识致富。

The rich earn money by capital, while the poor get rich by knowledge.


The great cause of life is noh O ! ~ [ X Pt to know, but to be ab( N . I Q r } Rle to do.


Talent is actuallyC ] C – _ ? the use of the same intelligence as others to make a difference.

4v F N . l N i8、每一天都是一个开始。深呼吸,从头再来。

Every day i, | gs a beginning.U ) ) f 0 \ B 9 Take a d; V k Aeep breath and start over.


Life does not sell round-trip tickets. Once you start, you can never return.

50、人生要成沉淀,要有定力,一个人定力不够会c Y f ? G m r浮躁。

Life should be precipitated and determined. A person who is nW ; | L ? 1 Not determinedb G y p { ) x S enough will be impetuous.

5= ; 0 l I S { N1、千万别迷恋网络游戏,有本事就玩好人生这场大游戏。

Don’t be obsessed with online gamesv s @ K. Play the big game of life if you have the ability.


We must seu I ! \ 4ek victory in defeat and hope in despair.


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