Tens of thousands of people have their own aspirations, but those who have nG s p ! G z Yo aspirations only feel difficult.

2、机遇对于有准备的头脑, b q q g F有特别E ; Z 4 p C &的亲和力。

Opportunities have a special affinity for prh c : v B Fepared minds.

3、一个人的梦e w z r |想也许不值钱,但一个人的努力很值钱。

A person’s dream may not be worth money, but a person’s efforts are worth money.


Wake up ev8 Z ) J ^ 8 * K \ery day, wake up not the bell, but the dream.

5、强者征. q c *服今天,懦夫哀叹昨天,懒Z , 7 | * s ?汉坐等明天。N L 4 I

The strong conquer today, the cowards lameJ n * )nt yesterday, th| O me lazy sit and wait for tomorrow.


Nothing is difficult in the world, but perseverance is the key to success.


Learned, interrogated,@ l Y x D { carefully thought, clearly distinguished, and committed.


No matter how many times you fail, you have to face life and be hopeful.

9、人生之要事在于确立伟大的= Z D v \ ]目标与实现这R t g q 0目标的决心D \ U 8 # m o q ~

The most important thing in life isR a ^ X [ the determination to set great goals and achieve them.


Don’t choose comfo ` A N 9ort when you sho\ ? e M [ , Culd fight.

11、生命对某些人来说是美丽的,这些人的一生都Y R g u Z _为某个目标而奋斗。

Life is beautiful to some people, who( l u { 9 * strug} S & Z & V s /gle for a go8 L y i Y 5 i Fal in their life.


Correct deviations with wisdom from time to time, anU ` s 6d give people convenience with compassion.

13、只要有坚强s D i 2的意志力,就自然而然地会有能Q 5 ^ s v F P b 0耐、机灵和知识。

As long as youK V 7 ` 2 t u K have strongJ ! @ S D # i , will power, you will naturally have ability, ingenuity and knowledge.


Attitude decides everything, strengt/ v ) r ` 6 V 5 }h defends dignity! People should stand temptation and lone9 s pliness!

15、做决定之前仔细考虑,一旦作了决定就要勇往直前、坚持到@ g % c i q 9底。

Think carefully before you mak{ m G ye a decision. Once you make a decision, go ahead and stick to it.


Be dowL 6 m N }n-to-earth. Don’t worry. Years w7 h W + A = i b ;ill give you what you wav 1 s cnt.

17、其实: @ k . M 8Z U f \ C 2 0并不可怕,可怕的是输了就鼓不起勇气面对世界。

In fact, it’s not terrible to lose. What’s terrible is that iq V V h & Bf you lose, you won’t have the courage to face the world.

18、i m e n男儿不展同云志,空负天生八尺躯。

Men are born eight| F v s K feet without comrades.


Don’t sink, you can choose to rise in any environment.


When the sky is dark enough, the stars w? 2 W # 9 3 p R gill shine.

21、一寸y K w光阴一寸金,寸金难买寸光阴。

An inch of time and an inch of gold make it difficult to buo 9 W |y an inch of time.


Better be laughed at for a while than for a lifetime.


SuI i \ tccess is doing simple tj s y b 5 – P – &hings over and over again.


Youth is the only time we have the right to w] & c 0eave our dreams.


Whoever looksj l m m 5 c z ] @ down on you# T z 9 has nothing to do with you, but he can’t look dowK y ! J c P \ unt } n f U m on himself.

26、告诉你一个宝藏的地点,它就S 0 G Z在你的生命里。

Tell you the location of a treasure, it’s in your life.


Diligence can makZ ) D _e up for the deficiency of intelligence, but intelligence can not mM k m s ] $ake up for the deficiency of lam ! P w p O 5 ~ziness.


If you hav; ) } ( Z Z / K ve the cou) R f T ; @ u A /rage to start, you will have the pride of success.

29、勿问成功的秘诀为何,且尽全力做你应该做的事吧。[ V u r

Don’t ask what the secz 1 +ret of succes: g p 7 O I rs is@ 0 k M 1 A, and do your best to do what you should do.


If there are shortcuts to dreams, then the name of this road must be[ o C M % F perseverance.


Ang) ` d s Z k S {er is punishing oneself for what others have done wrong.


Success is not a matter of importance, but of effort.


A beautiful blueprint falls into the hands of a lazy man, and is nothing more than a piece of waste paper.


Ambition is the door of career, and work is the journey tof T 9 Q y w ; the door and the room.


Living aiml\ # z $essly is like sailing without a compass.

36、高峰只对攀登它而不e 5 # \ ? b =是仰望它的人来说才有真正意义。

Peaks are meaningful only to those who climb them, not to those who look up to thef q x ( k 3 M rm.


WitQ / Th i1 , 1 \deal` # 6 & ] h E as paper, with diC 7 kligence as pen, to express the magnificent youth.

38、强大的信心,能克服来自内心的恶魔,产p o # k S B + k生无往不胜的勇气。

Strong confidence can overcome the devil from the heart and produce invincible courage.

39、不举步,越不过栅栏;不迈腿e T c,登不上高山。

No steps, no fences; no legs, no mountains.

40、最清晰的脚H i J印留在最泥泞的路上。0 / Q Z 5 ? ? O !

The clearest footprints remain on the muddiest road.


There is a way to learn from the sea without cliffs.


Believing that faith can conquer everything is in itself the greatest belief.


People always try to cherish what they don’t get and fn ] c }orget what they hM ? r B Zave.

44、成功是一种观念,致富是一种义务N X A,快乐是一种权力。

Success is an idea, getting rich is an obligation, and happiness is a power.

45、行动是治愈恐惧的良药x n P i Z O ;,而犹豫拖延将不断滋养恐惧。

ActioC t Wn is the cure for fear, and he# ! Q ] | K vsitation and procrastinatiof s ; a J & 8n will continue to nourish fear.


Sometim& 8 l Aes the distance between success and failure is very sS d # f /hort, but the latter takes a few steps forward.


Genius is one percc x rent inspiration and ninety-nine percK p lent effort.


The significanb ^ g :ce of vitality lies in fighting, because the world itself is an au s ! Hr* } k V $ + l 3ena.


Fo# 9 . 8 h U Hrget the paix Z t Y s i ~ D tn of failure and remember the cae k O | Fuse of failure.

50、选择自己所爱7 6 T v u : L 4 j的,爱自己所选择的。

Choose what you love and love what you choose.

51、现代社4 k b ~会已不是大鱼吃小鱼的年代,而是快鱼吃: | ) 9慢鱼的年代。

Modern sl V d ( F = K & jociety is no l7 I U o J B \onger the age when big fish eat small fish, but the age when fast fish eat slow fish.


Ninety-nine times out of ten, those who can seize the opportunity to walk in frontY & X ) _ a of them will succeed.


Time leaves wisdom to the industrious, emptiness and regret to the lazy.


It’s not the lackl ~ v y of affection for the sun.

55、实现自己既定的目标,必须能耐得住寂S T m t E寞单干。

To achieve their goals, we mustZ J ? $ V W f 9 \ be able to stand alone.


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