Whether or not there are grains of rice on other people’s faces, please look in the mirror first.

2、真者,精诚之至也,不精不诚,不能动人。N E * E a Z )

True, 8 5 |, sincere, not_ b 8 & N i ? y sinc9 . ! | U T / ! ,ere, not mov? B h Z ! xing.

3、谁不曾一意孤r f ) s J Z s T M行,怒发冲冠过怕只怕少了那份执着。

Who has not insisted on acting alone, angry crown, afraid o( m ] @ 7 $ [f less persistence.


Strikes and seI \ 3 : gt[ p 8 7 0backs are stepping stx % t 2 H %one8 J 5 % z J ~ 4 =s to succ& X 6 , Kess, not stumbling blocks.


It is not immortals who can burn pottery. People with ambition can as : K P xlways learn good craftsmanship.


With a smiling face to meet the tragic misfortune, with a hundred times the courage to deal with all the: 8 u [ 9 n D \ unfortunate.

7、宁愿辛n } _ s苦一阵子,不要辛苦一辈子。

I would rather work hard for a while than for a lifetime.


Who knows the hero’s heart in the flute, and the sand is. X I 8 ; c empty to sign the human bones.


All one’s life depends on struggle. Only by struggle can one succeed[ D 7 ? I (.

10、松软的F H & $ & = I A }沙滩上最容易留下脚印,但也最容易被潮水抹去。@ f 2 ? \

Soft beach; C x ) w Oes are the easiest to leave footp+ a X 4 9 trints, but they are also9 2 j Y T M : thU P X A Z y R ae easiest to be wiped out by the tide.

1m ! ^ ^1、自己打败自己的远远多于比别人打败的。

They defeat themselveq ; as far more than others.


Climbing the mountain to the top, rewarding the snp + # _ W 7 [ Cow without fear of the c_ Q ] I + $old.

13、明天的希望,让我们[ ( X U J ~忘了今天的痛苦。

Tomorrow’s hope, let us forget today’s pain.


You will ds y k _ ! ~ P F Xream when you nap at this moment, and you will realize your dream when you study at this moment!


Green is taken from blue and bluB C v & 5e is taken from blue; ice is mad6 5 t ( d Ve from water and cold is made from water.


When you have nothing to lose! j W u, itL J # A‘s when you start to get it.

17、乐# # B Y观者在灾祸中看到机会,悲观者在机会中看到灾祸。

OF H N b 1 c *ptimistsd o v 9 { G see oppO a G w J t e E fortunities in dib \ W n 3 ,sasters, pessimiD / s P %sts see disasteS 9 B w B h o \ ^rs in opportunities.

18、山涧的泉水经过一路曲折,才唱出一支美妙k C [ R |的歌。

T? _ 6 A g 0 S a phe springs in the mountain streams singU ! . i & a wonderful song after all the twists and turns.


The world is not about what you can do, but what you should do.


Life without ideal is just a bunch ofM } U b empty shelves.


To l` a @ g , q Vove someone,4 g Y to take care of hR S b / jim, to protect him, to give him freedom, is re( X p r n ` G V Nally elegant love* T E.

22、惊叹号是勇士滴w o K z在攀登路上的血,也是懦夫失望时q Q 4 X C P ( m Y流淌的泪。

The exclamation mark is the blood of the warriors on the climbing road, and the tears of thek m ] u J } = @ coware b \ H ,ds when they are disappointed.

23、艰苦奋斗不仅是历史上的/ N e f成功宝典,更是现在成功$ S ? g ,的指引灯。

Hard struggle is not only the treasure of success in history, but also the guiding light of success now.


Without sr N i & 4aliva and sweat, there would be no tears of success.


Thought decides the way out, bearing decides height, d9 ^ T { h ? } [ Netails decides success or failure, and character decides fate.


The ears that grow around our brains often control our brains.


It’s never wrong to ask for hel6 C R R ( 2 pp rather than yourself.

28、你必须坚强因为没有人会懂你到底有/ , u ! | { n多痛。

You have to~ – J & b T 6 V be strong because no one knows how painful you really are.


People needR 6 p ! ] to be calm and arrogant when they are proud, but they need\ – s to be calm when thP z =ey are frustrated.


Fate always comes to those who are prepU N o [ = 8 H 9 Vared.

31、目标和信念给人以p l S z持久的动力,它是人的精神支柱。

G. # e \ (oals and beliefs give people lasting motivation, which is thez P 7 \ H : Z ; 3 spiritual pillar of people.

32、e \ : 3一件事被所有人都认为是机会的时候,其实它已不是机会了。

When an event is regarded as an opportunity by everyone, it is no longer an opportunity.


If seedlings refuse to prune because they are afraid of pain, the8 y q K \y will neL 7 J `ver grow.


If you work hard, you’ll never lose it. If you work hard, you’ll be able to swallow Wu for 3000 Yuejia.


Action is th. W \ _ X 5 _ te ladder of success. The more actions you take, the higher you climb.


Forget the pain of yesterdZ j R T ~ 4 = 2 Tay and face the sun of tomorrow.


Most people want to change the world, but few want to change themselves.


Don’t worry about the vague future,) M 7 D I C / just strive for the clear present.


Success is to simplify complex problems and do them hard.

4# ~ ^0、所谓英雄,其实是指那些无论在什么环境下% A U w \ * = _ g都能够生存下去的人。

The so-called heroes reI F ` 9 n –fer to those who can survive= b 8 W g L | _ in any environment.


Nothing is a kind of wealth, which enables th\ P 8 R –e poor to take action( * M A _ X Z ! K to change their destiny.


Believe in the loyalty of friends. Believe in your courage. Believe in the folly of the enemy.


If a man is weak, he is his greT f – 8 – o oatest enemy; if he is brave, he is his best friend.


Hope is the belief% Q * j ^ 1 that guides people to succeed. If there is no hope, nothing will be achieved.


Don’t think about making the sea2 U J 3 X p w O q. It must start with small rivers.

46、自我要求是迈向成功) o M的捷径,恒心是离成功最短的路。

Self-dema) W k l c 2nd is the shortest way to success,_ ? f U 5 c y Z perseverance is the shortest way to success.


Failure is1 n ( 8 what I need. It’s as valuable to me as success.


Ruthless yearK j / A T T 2s increase andE z / } ` M : U decreb 2 6as7 S G u \ ( { , Te, sweet and bitter taste of youth. Set ambition and create a bright future.


Suffering tempers some and destroys others6 . D x.


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