Soft beaches are the easiest to leave footprints, but they are also the easiest to be wiped out by the tide.


Life is like this cup of strong wine, without thr{ q – Mee or five refining, it will not be so delicious!


The ideal way is always to have faith in the prime of life, never to return to the morning; timely encoura\ t [ q Tgement,* 6 F A – Q L time waits for no one.


Great achievements come from the tremW 3 { 0 T fendous amount of thought and effort spent on lof} 4 0 *ty goals.

5、胜N \ 8 h利不是战胜敌人,而是提高自己。我们只要每天进步百分之D k O i ? h U A –一,那就是成功。

Victory is not defeating the enemy, but improving ourselves. If we only make o; $ { Dne percent pg ) Progress every day, that’s success.

6、最大的浪* g B L费是我们不认识自己的智慧,不明白自己拥有_ V B全宇宙的力量。

The greatest waste is that we don’t know our wisdom and we don’t understand that we have the power of the whole universe.

7、当你的才华还撑不起Y N ! # \你的野心时,那你就应该静下心来学习。

When your talent can’t sustain your ambition, yo5 R 3 3 # U i 0 Zu should calma x ! . down and study.


Life is a hand from God. No matter how bad it is, you have to hold it.

9、明智的人决不坐下来为失败5 & H J而哀号,他们一定乐观地寻找办法来加以挽救。

Wise people never sit down and wail fJ _ L 2 S 1 \ oor failure. They must look optimistically for ways to save it.

10、跑得越快,遇到风的阻力b ] @ T越大。阻力与成就相伴随。

The faster you run, the greater your resistance to the wind. Resistance goes hand in hand with achievement.


Life is like an ocean. Only a man of strong will can reach the other shore.

12、如同磁铁吸引四周的铁粉,热情也能吸引周围的x ` 3 q Q人,改变周围的情况。

Just as magnets attract iron powder around them, entw C :husiasm can also attract people around them and change the situation around them.

13、懒惰象z $ l d – @ \ V S生锈一y * M a !样,比操劳更能消耗身体;经常用的钥匙,总是亮闪闪的。

Lazin5 e P ^ ] )ess, like rust, consumes more body than labou# K x + } !r; the keys that are often used are always shining.

14、人S # $ i T U } $类学会走路,G + ` 9 i z n也得学会摔跤,而且只有经过摔跤他才能学会走路。

Man has to learn to walk and wrestle, and onlo . 4 9 |y after wrestling can he learn tz ( p K s y –o walk.

15、只要充分相= 7 !信自己,没有什么困难可以足够/ o b { N Y M c持久。

As lo~ Z c ? fng as you fully believe in yourself, n_ i 6 c M ; #o difficN # 4 X s @ * 1 lulty can last long enough.

16、你可以用爱得到全世界,J ^ ;你也可以用恨失去全世界。

You can use love to get the whole world, you can also use hate to lose the whole world.

17、不要随便说N L W ! { 3 * O 0自己没时间,时间都是挤出来的。

Don’t say you don’t have time. Time is squeezeL 4 8 c Dd out.


Targets are not always achievable, but they can be used as aiming points.


All victories are insignificant comp3 ` x H g p g Xared with those ofK d r y 9 i $ conquering oneself.1 ) 1 V $ 9 s


Struggle is a part of life. Life goes on and on.


Don’t be obsessedT # 7 H b T I with online games. Play the big game of life if you have the abil– & : 2 \ity.

22u ! T 0、一花凋零荒芜不了整个春天,一次挫折也荒废不了整个人生。= d /

A flower withered and barren can not be the whole spring, a setback can not waste the whole life.

23、不管你了不了解这个世界,这个世界T – ] u a U ~ n都不会让着你。

No mattere Q + O E a & & you don’t know the world x F B u ` f \ ed, it won’t let you go.

24、在真实的生命里,每桩伟业都由P . _信心开始,并由信心跨出第一步。

In real life, every great undertaking begins with confidence and takes its first step.


Beneficiaries do not do what they do, but tho: j $ ~se who do not, so they work hard but fail to succeed.

26、使人, $ x R G r疲惫的不是远方的高山,而是鞋里的一粒沙子。

It’s not the distant mountains that make people tired, but a grain ofa # u z 1 v u sand in their shoes.

27、宁可失败a $ } x ] I 7 u在你喜欢的事J _ % 4情上,也不要成功在你所憎恶的事情上。

It’s better to fail in what you like t\ S O m d 2 1 7han to succeed in what you hate.

28、成功的秘诀就是每天都比别人多努力一点。# q q b : b `

The secret of success is to work harder every day than others.

29、凡事要0 4 K T l % d G d三思,但比三思更重要的是三思而后行。

Think twicU * ^ * 6 ! c oe about eve8 D 0 e grything, but more importantly than think twice, think twice before you act.


Without wind, rain and rain in nature, the earth wil. F I Q 2 W 0 K vl not be full of spring and autumn fruits.


If you can live it again, evere 7 t q k = : = pyone will be a winnerZ S d L * ! V 7 s.


It’s never too late to drv = 3 – Yeam. Although you may: & , fail, you know you’re doing your best.


In the vast$ j B 0 7 V } desert, only the fo[ – 3 k b O B !rward step is the symbol of hope.


Many things may not be fruitful after hI $ – z : O S _ard work, but nothing has changed without hard work.

35、一个人所有的成功和失败,都是其习惯造就的结果。4 , R 7 { t =

All success and failure of a person are the result of his habits.


In order to\ ` i 1 = C { grow, pine trees never pay attention to greenhouses which are spring-like all the year round.

37、成功需要成本,时间也是一种成本,对时W M g间的珍惜就是对成本的节约。

Succe2 \ h Q G p C ess re! d Xquires cost, and time is also a cost. To cherish time is to save cost.


If seedlings rP / l ? G kefuse to prune because they a~ \ : m $ f U –re afraid of pain, they will never grow.


Who has not insisted on acting alone, angry crown, afrx ( \aid of less persistence.

40、成功需要付出代} ) &价,不成功需要付出更高的代价。

Success comes atu w A Y E a price. Failure coma V y O A K b J les at a higher price.


When there is no pursuit in the eyes, it must be a time when the hu % 1 * h peart is dead.


Ted – { – ( Z xns of thou$ @ 9 f m 1 5 Y ~sands of people have their own aspirations, but those who hav! } X \e no aspirations only feel difficult.


Yesterday it rained, today it’s windy, and tomorrow the sun will come out.

44、跟着理智走,要有勇气;跟着感觉走,就要有倾m 4 n其所有的决心。

FoW _ O B Ullow reason, have courat l / K \ M T dge; follow feeU , ~ % 6ling, have all the determination.

4l 3 95、对于攀登者来说,失掉往昔的足迹并不可惜,迷失了继续前时的方向m 6 s却很危险。

For climbers, in 0 ] 2 ! z jt’s not a pityt | L ? F } to lose track of the pat 2 L o A ` /st, but it’s dange: & Y , ~rous to lose track of where they are going.


Investment knowledge is wise, and knowledge! f H d in investment networks is more wise.

47、成功不是凭梦想和希望,而是凭努力? | ; l y g t和实l ] + 7 N 4 S (践。

Success depends not on dreams and hopes, but on ha{ C brd work an% s o y $ D qd practice.

48、智者创造机会,强者把握机会,弱O H j V M者等待v 4 @ 9 V : { v机会。

The wiseU 8 h create opportunities, the strong seize them, and the weak wait for them.

49、用最少的悔恨面对过M W \ 2 s去;用最少的浪费面对现在;用最多的梦面对未来。

Face the past with the least regret; face the present with the least waste; face the future with the most dreams.

50、命运就像自己的掌\ 0 O纹,虽然弯弯曲曲,却永远掌握在自己手中。

Destiny is like the palmpriM \ ) @ a h U 2 Ent of one’s own hand, though twisted and tor{ % H Ituous, it is always in one’s own hands.


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