The way you choose, you have to go through it on your knees.


Don: t i z w , B +‘t let ease steal our vitality.


Success has no ski/ X r a x yll at all. I always try my bex s X ` S , n ? *st to do my job.


A perso4 J 6n’s life is like an article, which cl 2 C [ aan only be perfected after many careful revisions.


Open the net first, and the fish can find the entrance to the net.


Be unconditionally confident, even when you make a mistake.


Success will never give up anyone, only yU v . J [ x k hou give up success.


You have mo3 \ l A 5 B Hre hope than those who lie in the grave!

9、只有不快的斧,没p % d a ?有劈不开的柴。

There are onlyW g _ W 3 3 ` unhappy axes and no wood tx A } + \ _ ! M Khat ca= H # .nnot be split.

10、人的活动如果没有理想的鼓舞,就* k b [会变得空虚而渺小。

If people’s activities are not inspired by ideals, they will become empty and insignifica5 S & @ R 9nt.

11、骏马是跑出来的,q ( c ` ` 0 S c强兵是打出来的。

Horses run out, and strongG ; A ! n @ Q ? } soldiers fight ou@ ! b Q X Ht.


For the best resuO C H V [ ilts, let’s go crazy to the end.

13、生活本是痛苦,是思g t R C !想和哲理使其升华v X g B

L4 T ~ F s yife is pain, sublimation of thought and philosophy.


TE = Qhere is no such thing as failure for an indomitable person.


Diligence is the code of your life. It can transD ^ d Elate a magnificent epic.


Farmers believe in and have theirg I * ! A ? S d | own sweat, and every drop bears a seed of hope.


No matter when you end, it’s important that you don’p p tt regret it after it.


Anger is punishid H ( B rng oneself for what others have done wrong.


Winners often succe7 \ ( sed by sticking to the last five minutes.

2C R ~ d 9 20、获致幸福的不二法门是珍视你所拥有的H / )遗忘你所没有的。

The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have and forget what you don’t have.


Fortune is no+ | e D Et without fear and trouble; misfortune is not without comfort and hope.


Without great difficulties, there will be no great cause.

23、要b : Y成功不需要什么特别的才能,只要把你能做的小事做得好就行了。

It doesn’t take any special talent to sd t 8 $ 9 vucceed, just4 & \ do the little things you cz I qaT * ! y % on do well.

24、忘掉昨5 i 9 = u N i v日的苦楚,抬头面对明天的太阳。

Forget the pain of yesterday and fK Q { Lace the sun of tomorrow.

25、执着追求并从中得到最大快乐的\ 3 7 6 t人,才是成功者。

Successful people a/ F C g 9 , 3 Qre those who persist in pursuing and get the grR M j _eatest happiness from it.

26、人们总是在努力珍惜未得到的,而遗忘了所拥# B C有的。

People always try to cherish whf 0 $ \ ? Tat they don’t get and forget what they have.


You hA D } o k ? h 2ave to jump off the cliff and grow wings in th8 e : c x _e falling air.


The line between two points is not necessarily the shortest. Sometimes the twistse { q I and turns can rea9 X ) 0 }ch the end point faster.


No good seed can= : w V 8 ? @ bear fruitful fru5 & – ( fit without sowing it.

30、美丽的蓝图,落} f /在懒汉手里,也不过* M H是一页废纸。

A beautiful blueH a 3 F _print falls into the hands of a lazy man, and is nothing more than a piece of waste paper.

31v W Z y 1 2 S、握手不一定是友谊,指责不一定是敌对。M v @ C a

A handshake is not necessarily a friendship, and blame is not necessarily hostile.


I feel th, s e $ E B ; 7at I can’t do it or I can’t do it. In fact, I just think about it.


He who ha; M Ls ambition is not ole G ed, b4 ` 1ut has no amk R 4 } – S Gbition to live in f | K b ! – c \n vain for a hundred yea} a 1 ^rs.


The winner of life will neveW 5 & , fr lose courage in the face of setbacks.


Do what you fear, and fear will disappear.

36、人生有一5 # P A W | @道难题,那就是如何使一寸光阴等于一寸生命。

Tv G U M T K z y where is a difficult probY N c Q 5lem in life, that is, how to make an inch of time equal to an incha w = X of life.


All one’s life depe\ d o G \nS c H M L } 5ds on struggle. Only by struggle can one succeed.

38、自信是走向成y 4 9 n k l ; Y H功的第一步,缺乏自信是失败的主要原因。

Self-confidence. ] 7 is thf R : } $ / + \ 7e first step to suD \ Q pccess. Lack of sele C E kf-confy q Didence is the main reason for failure.

39、海浪为h w y a O C M劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐流的轻舟送葬。B t L I

Waves are for sailing boa% ! ? y 6ts that break the wind and chop the waves, and funerals for boats that drift with the waves.

4O e z T k0、强者征服今天,懦夫哀叹昨天,懒汉坐等明天。

The strong conquer today, the cowards lament yesterd$ } 2 ? 2ay, the lazy sit and wait for tomorrow.


Those who can only walk on ceme– t 7 q C d x r mnt will never leaO 2 & # ave deep footprints.

42、不为失败找借口,只为成功找方法。I 1 h B ? g { 3

Don’t make excuses for failure, just find ways to succeed.

43、世上只有想不通的人,没) X ! 4 r i & p 6有走不通的路。

There are only people in the world who can’t thinf ) a L & ~ ;k, and there is no road that cr r M Z N # 0an’t be taken.

44、世间成事,不求其绝对圆满,留一份不: : R T足,可得无限美L E R 6 ! 5 k Q I好。

In this world, we can achieve infinite beauty without seeking absolute perfection and leaving a deficiency.


Smiling is the most sincere expression of our hearts anQ 6 5 f q – Kd the best medicm N X ; yine in tb R b i Z _ J a qhe face of difficulties.


Youth is the only time we have the right to weave our dreams.


S\ @ 0 a h k 6et goals and then refine them into practical actions at each step.


Horses are apt to lose their feet when they are soft, while people are apt to lose their will when they are greedy and comfortable.


Beautiful faces are for others to see, anr ! Xd wise minds are fo~ i i _ W Fr their own use.


Success is not a matter o6 \ v 8 h l j kf importance, but of effort.

51、位卑未? o )敢忘忧国,事定犹须待盖棺。

He who dares not forget to worry about his country is bound to wait for hisz 4 j W 5 coffin to be covered.

52、选择自己所爱的,爱\ N * S ] d s自己所选择的。

Choose what you love and love whaI R Kt you choose.


Never give up is the only secret to your dream.


PeoG o r 7 ` g f t ]ple always face many difficult choices in their life, gains and losses coexist.


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