All the good feelings in the world add up to nothing more than a noble action.


Harvest0 1 D j ) % is3 / L % I 0 g = + the rain gauge of a card M U { 5 ] {eer; it gathers every drop of sweat shed by strugglers.


Af H z v mediocre maT \ Gn will] _ G c } | u E Z spend his time, and a capable man will spend his time.


OptF [ Dimists sG E 9 c J ? geeL j ? a \ _ _ M that all roads are prosperous, while pessimists see that all roads are impassable.


To overcome the anxiety and depression of* s E K # X A n life, we must first learn to be our own master.


With hope, happiness will come to you; with dreams, opportunities will envelop you.

7、忠告:人在生气、烦恼、情绪不稳定是最好不要去作出任J n + L何的选择、决定。

Advice: People in anger, worry, emotional instability is the best not to makeY 4 Z P any choices, decisions.


Serving people is actually paying the rent of living on the earJ F a } k –th.

9、善于利用时间的人,W F Q永远找得到充裕的时间。

Those who make good use of time will always find plenty of time.


If you don’t climb mountains, youV q ^ ) K don’t know the height of the sky; if you don’t face deep streams, you don’t know the thickness of the earth.


The coming of the God of luck is often just because you look at it more, think about+ ? { * ] Y A it more, and take a step more.

12、* ) ; | ] t ~尺有所短;寸有所长。物有所不足;智有所不明。

The ruler is short; the inch is l{ I e G 0 cong. Things are nob k S 1 # s t L Ht enough; wisdom is not clear.

1} ^ b O t N N 53、成功就是^ n N当洋溢的生命力X , K m n \ $ : Q突然冲决堤坝而汇入一条7 z # ?合适的渠道。

Success is when the ovk 6 X ; O i y \erflowing vitality suddez N Z + { `nly bursts into a dam and sinks into an appropriate channel.


True, sincere, not sincereO t D Q t k r T 2, not moving.

15、才华是血汗的结晶T o 0 O ; ` H。才华是刀刃,辛苦是磨刀石。

Talent is the crystallization of blood and sweat. Talent is the edge of a knife, and hard work is the grinding stone.


One of they e \ F greatest strengths of an outstandib G V p 1 # s ]ng person is8 H . K + I p , that he will persevere in adverse and arduous encounters.


When the sky is dark enough, th~ S g j & X u /e stars will shine.


It can also be impulsive, indicating that you are still pass6 e # : 6 bionate about life, always impulsT m L M Mive, indicating that you do not understand life.


Before leaving, it is always a dream; after goG ~ zing on the road, it is alE v 7 fways a challenge.


With the support of a lofty purpose, working continuously, even slowly, will surely succeed.

21、经过海浪的一W $ P ~ %番磨砺,卵石才变4 e n L * | S X R得更加美丽光滑。

After the gr2 h !inding of the waves, the pebbles b= e 8 x ; + u I \ecome more beautiful and smooth.

22、生命力的意义在于拚搏,因为世界本身就1 + ( # * U是一个竞技场。

The significance) / ? j g o of vitality l$ R a Bies. t B V d S in fighting,7 – Q 5 D u ) because the world itself is an arena.


Being with positive people can make us feel high.

24、成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去J [ \ ; V做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。

Success is not something that will happen in the future, bc B H 8ut somet5 N y ; $hing that will continue to accumulate from the moment you decide tS & d {o do it.

25、人生最精彩的不是实现梦想的瞬间,而是坚持梦想的I 6 I过程。

Thef l N E j g q h most wonderful thing in life is not the5 U 6 \ ` 2 4 moment of realizing your dr& , oeam, but the process of persisting in it.

26、当一个人用工B k m 5 D d作去迎接光明,光明很快就会来照耀着他。

When a man greets the light with his work, the light will soon shinj { 0 D = %e on him.

27、那脑袋里的U 7 d智慧,就像打火石里的火花一样,不去打它是不肯出来的。

Wisdom in that head, like sp) X 9arks in flint, refuses to come out without beating it.

28、人的生命似洪水在奔流,不遇着岛屿、暗礁,难+ s ; = *以激起美丽的浪花。

Human life is like a torrential flood. It is difficult to arouse beautiful waves w_ 1 ! Pithout encountering islands and reefs.

29、出路出路,走出去了,总是会有路的。困难苦难,困在家里就是难。~ ( M m 8 ^ , ^ I

O8 b } put of the way, out of the6 s p o a r H x way, there will alwT h jays be a way. Difficulties are hardships when you are stuck at home.

30、行动未必总i | d能带来幸福,但没有行动一定没有幸福。

Action may not always bring happiness, but there is no happiness without action.


Temporary frustration can often~ + ^ [ S u F * be transformed into learning and insight through perseverance.

32、少说多做,句句都会l – _ r * s M m得到别人的重视^ \ 9 0 s b ` : (;多说少做,句句都会受到别人的忽视。

Say less and do more, every sentence will be valued by others; Say more and do less, eve) 1 J 2 kry sentence will be ignored by others.} p R –


Not forgiving all living beings, not forgiving all living beings, is suffering you.


If your heart is burning, you can use it as a torch when you need it.

35、所谓天b J \才,那就是假话,勤奋的工作才是实在的。

The so-called genius, thi ! p ~ S f { F Vat is a lie, hard work is real.

36、天下绝M M ( ;无不热烈勇敢地追求成功,而能F b | R 8取得成功的人。

There is no one9 v 4 ] ) , g ~ in the world who pursues success enthusiastically` ~ & K and bravely, but who can achieve success.

37、要跟成I c : \ B E功者有同样的结果,y G 5 + y U Z ? q就必须采取同样的行动。

To achieve the same results as successful people, the same actions must be& r b } m E ! taken.

38、你应感谢每位让你蜕& b ? 7 b t变的人无论方式的好坏。

You sf ^ / ( * \ Fhould thank: T 7 q ; 6 t ) everyone who has transformed you, no matter how good or bad it is.

39、d # J &即使是不成熟的尝试,也胜于胎死腹中的策略。

Even an immature attempt is b^ q 2 D k o { \etter than a strategy ofi 1 ! # 1 c fZ . h Metal death.

40、志坚智达言信行果,失败的尽头是成功努力的终\ M v v点是辉煌。

The end of failure is the end of success and effort, and the end of brilliance.


There is no impossible thing to do, only the person who can’t do it.

42、在实现理想的路途中,* : Y . ] / 0 T必须排除一切干扰,特别是K e O L 1 R H :要看清那些美丽的诱惑。

In order to realize the ideal, we must el! f j = p 6 ziminate all interference, especially those beaY N zutiful temptations.


Everyone has at least one dx ^ ^ a # # n )ream and one reason to be strong.


I think setbacks and hardships are good opportunities to exercise willpower and enhance ability.


If we have acceptedO R E h [ . 9 / the worst, we will hav~ W # 5 ze nothing to lose? ( _ `.


Do\ O f @ ! p + l you love life? Then don’t waste time, because time is0 g 8 & 7 l \ Z the material of life.


You can’t complain about social injustice. Since God didn’t give you what yU N Uou want, you have to fight for it yourself.

48、在我们了解什么是生命之前,我们已m y y S b _ F x U将它消磨了一半。

Before wp ` ; ] I kez L T know what life is, we have spent half of it.


Learning this matter is not a lack of time, but a lack of effort.


When you^ s / S m o s stop rushing to deny4 $ / \ s 3 e O & mistakes, you learn an importah 1 b p L !nt lesson.

51、大部分人往往对已经失去f P h 9的机遇捶胸顿足,却对眼前的机遇熟视无睹。

Most people often beat their breasts at the opportunities they have lost, but turn a blind eye to them.


Strong confidence can overcome the devil from t. s l 9 E p \he heart{ O \ $ P and produce invincible courN W G v Fage.


Iw 4 = J ) W j V ef you have a dreamW H p H, go after ig k ~ @ 3 F Zt. If you have no dream, your soul^ * P ! ` B % D is empty.

54、人生就象一个球,无论如何滚来滚去,总有在一个点n 8 & Z k U r上停止的时候。

Life is like+ 8 ( 6 . \ _ ] h a ball. No matter how you roll around, there is always a point when it stops.


A believer develops more power than an interested person.

56、心要跟小孩一样,很单纯、很简单,才能很快进步。要简单5 d h,但不简陋。

The heart, like a child, is simple and simple, so that it can% o } C y T J R make rapid progress. Si8 ( . 9 q A \ Ample, but not simple.


Positive thinking leads to positive life, while negative thip b { /nking leads to negative life.


Correct deviations with wisdom from time to time, and give people convenience with compassion.


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