If you want it, you will get it. All you need to do is takeb Z R u f } y a1 , K Iction.


Tell you the location of a treasure, it’s in your life.


The value of man is determined at the moment of temptation.

4、你要做A a # 6 + ; @ , &的就是让成功的速度大于父母老去的速度。

What you have to do is to make your success faster than your parents’aging.

5、我H 1 * U ) f z不知道将来会去何处但我知道我已经在路上。

I don’t know where I’m goingj n [ / – ( P I in the future, but I know I’m on my way# z U.

6、能把在面前行走的机会抓住的人,Q f * n 4 F | /十有八九都会成功。

Ninety-nine times out of ten,o k 7 : A k those f j $ p 6 o xe who can seize the opportunity to walk6 V 8 Q v inC 5 G 2 4 n M t front of them will succeed.


Life without friends is like life without sunshine.

8、一生中你] h 8 % s – x *唯一需要回头的时候,是为了看自己到底走了多远。

The only time you need to look back in your life is to see4 B r m how far you ha$ O jve come.

9、海浪的品格,就是无数次被礁V K / 8石击碎又无数闪地扑向礁石。

The character of the waves is that th, u ( [ l 6 ^ Z Hey aY . l Wre crushed by the rocks many times and pounced on the rockE } Ns with countless flashes.


Pride isv ( t 8 , the enemy of victory, and effort is the friend of successL ? e Z.

11、在人之上,要看得起别R 4 o m ` 5 t B 3人;在人之下,要看得起自己。

We should look up to others above usF % e + 8 A c J U and ourselves below us.


The potential of a person’s ability is far beyond his imagination.

1% i M J v3、不从泥泞不堪的小道上迈步,就踏不上铺满鲜花的大路。

If you don’t step on the muddy path, you wong M ! K – s \‘t be able to walk on theG A – J ( * D s 5 road covered with flowers.


Strong is the passport o) Q 0 8 v # , % nf success, cowardice is the epitaph of failure.

15、长在我们大脑左右的耳朵` \ T v c E,往往左右我们的大脑。

The ears that grow aroun* @ }d our brains often control oL + H 2 v cur brains.


When a man greets the light with his work, the light will soon shit | F l [ ~ne on him.


The warmesm x – N A 0 ^t flame, the ice in the deepest silent volcano.


What is genius? I think genius is the result of diligY : t h z 4 c 7ence.


Optimist5 k 2 ns see op: $ Y + –portunities in disasters; pessimists see dis; { 6 V b T Kasters in opportunities.


Courz ! ?age does not mean that fear does not exi6 j 1 5 P sst, but that fear is overcome by facinU a H } i 4 P kg it.


Only by experiencing all kinds of hardships in life can we realize the value of life.


Hope is the be) | } 0 0 K J / Llief that guides people to succ} [ 7 Q ceed. If there is no hope, nothing will be achieved.

23、炫耀是需要观众的,Z l | 3 | }而炫耀恰恰让我们失去观众L 3 { x ? T

Show-off needs the audience,R P 7 v 3 n and show-off just make? ; xs us lose the8 * r a= ] * 3udience.


The most tirin/ S b g P + U Ng thing in the world is t^ 3 E M foZ h { J live in hypocrisy.

25、比别人多一点志气,你就会多J W 8 J + 4 I = U一份出息V x 8 v 4

If you have a little more ambitio. H l z v v B z un than otY C ! 8 W %hers, you will have a bette4 d rr future.


Winners often succeed by sticking to the last five minutes.H Q $ T | , } 4 c

27、海浪为劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐% 7 !流的轻舟送葬。

Waves are for sailing boats that break the wind and chop the waves, and funerals for boats that drid g n U { + B 6ft with the waves.

28、命运如同手中的n T + 2 a b掌纹,无论多曲折,终掌握在自! 4 A己手中。

Destiny is like the palmprint of the hand, no matter0 8 d C w C how tortuouz b $ 8 ls it is, it is in your handsP S I.


All the go+ 0 # A s { ood feeZ ` : b H ( Jlings in the world5 D : X E addu g [ \ ] | _ P up tS g p 1 ( xo nothing more than a noble a. E + \ ! %ction.


Every rose has thorns, just as every character has pa8 V F = ] O trts you cannot tolerate.


AmbitionL & t C b v is the door of career, and work is the journey to the door and the room.


I think setbacks and haV Z m J b 9 frdships are good opportunM U A ( _ w [ ( ~ities to exercise willpower and enhance ability.

33、当有人说你是傻瓜时,证明你= z G N e # F a 0离成功不远了。

When someone says you are a fool, it proves that you are not far fD F : ) + Grom success.


No more than intelligence, no more than effort; no more thann R @ Q w ` 0 q m starting, no more than progress.

35、深窥自己的心,而后发觉一切的奇迹在你D : 0 ` % Q自己。

Take ao v I e ? deep look at your heart and dK z % $iscover that aG . Y dll the miracles are within yE ( O Dou.


Because there are regrets, so wear stars andL F \ ? T b 7 q mooC c a Q 5 U ;ns; because there are dreams, so desperate.

37、少许的主动就可以使你生活中的运气[ 5 x / _ – , n大增。

A little initiative can greatly increase your luc* 3 0 s q . Z b *k in life.

38、天A f w ~下绝无不热烈勇敢地追求成功,而能取得成功的人。

There is no one in the world who pug 9 c @ E Q 6 * Orsues success enthusiastically and bravely, but who can a3 X K Tchieve success.o C ; ? q Q W


Think twice about( a Z L @ o s T – everything, but more importantly than think twice, think twice4 D p H 2 @ # k 9 before you act.

40、有福之人是那些抱有美好的企盼从而灵魂@ Q W D .得到真正满足的人。

Blessp { Ted pe# = L \ X b T iople are those who have good expectations so that their souls can be truly satisfied.

41、我们每个人都离不开奋斗,z k i F 4 \ A 1 p学习要奋斗,工作要奋斗,事业也要奋斗。

Everyone of us is inseparable from struggle/ A 9 L w /. We should strive for study, work and co \ E $ause.


How can strong wings break away from the cage and fly far away without suffering?


There isP _ s no fate that can be conquered withou3 ? } _ n }t scorn, endurance and struggle.

44、成功就是把复杂的问题简单化,然后狠狠D [ 6 @ A去做x q # 4 1 U

Success is to simplif& # S q 0 H 7y complex problems and dn e : E i # x Ko t\ / \ – 8 3 ^ lhem hard.


The power that prevents us from flying is our inner fear.


People always face many difficult choices in their life, gains and losses coexisj . a [ 3 Q a Vt.

47、脚步怎样才能不断前时?把脚印留在\ 2 9 B身后。

How can we keep moving forward? Leave your footprintsk E w { x = \ l behind you– n P \ F . G c.


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