Accustomed to your existence, so how willing to let you go.

2s & ] c 4 S、有时候,你必须放手,才能明白是R Z d # ~ $ ^否真的值得拥有。

Sometimes you haQ ] e lve to let go to see if it’s really worth having.

3、我们的故事太短,短到我清楚的记得每o % ] * Q X一个细节。

Our story is too short for me to remember every detail clearly.

4、找一个安静r e h的角落,去抚平自己心中的伤痛。

Find a quiC w Eet corner7 T * B = to heaC k v R Zl th$ R 7 { / = $ Se pain in your heart.

5、这个世界不会因7 a U为任何人,任何事而坍塌沦陷。

The world will not colla& o @ p g : kpse for anyone or anything.


Don’t lose hope. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

7、两颗心x 1 q ; D曾经靠的那么近,如今却要就这; 2 \ n B F P + :样放弃。

Two hearts used to be so close, bW | f c A , ; Sut now they have to give up.


Originally you gave me full feeling, but that feeling is full of coquettish.

9、我除了我爱你比X \ N @ P &你爱我多以外,没有任何条件优越你。

I have no advantage over you except that( I z ] O { & 9 I love you more than you do.

1q f d0、厌倦,g ` $ U d Z就是一个人吃完盘子里的食物后对B z _ h H x + :盘子的感情。

Boredom is a person’s feeling towards the plate after eating the food on the plate.


You’re at a loss I can’t guess.O F j I’Q ] k i w /m a pa] 4 B 2 u Q Iin you can’t imagine.


Men never know th: z s – ? Y pat women say goodbye Just to keep him.


Life is like a cup of tea, not bitE | Vter for a lifetime, but alw\ ? f eays bitter for a while!

1, M [ ^ @ N4、不0 K , 9 } 3 E管你愿不愿意,时光总会走过去,青春总是不复返。

Whether you like it or not, time will pass and youth will never return.


A. : y l l g c V s tr2 x ! G @ gue friend will not be separated even if he does not keepC # s = * F in touch with each other eveM b =ry day.


Anyone can be endlessly good to a per! A z # q I S ) %son, but the premise is worth it.


The road ahead is not easy. You may cry, but keep gD + E ] k 4 Soing.

18、我的心开O * n J始沉碎,面对那段众人口里的是非。

My heart b* ~ Aegan to sink, facing the right and wrong of the people.


Success is how high you bounce back after being shot down into the abyss of disappoi) , p A U *ntment.


Get used to this kind of life, get used to thinking about you da] 1 O M V n b { 6y and night.


Don’t ask me how I’m doing, I can only say that I’m still alive.


People who have been fathers will make unreasonable and unreasonable noises.

23、我走在你身后,这么近在咫尺的距离我却被你忽视T . = + i / $

I walk behind you, so close to the distance I was neglected by you.


Later, it was found that it was not that I could not let goV X ` L { { 5 { %, but that I was unwilling to let go.


Some things are not I don’t know, but I see them in my eyes and bury them in my heart.


The older you grow, the more you find that not all laughter is true.

27、老死不相往来的陌生,算不算我给! D c h n你的长久感情。

The strangeness of old age and@ ~ c : U s 0 S death d\ d :oes not count as the long-term aff. B Pection I have given you.

28、从今往后让我们一起走,细腻的心思我们一起拥V c ! @有。

From now on let us go together, delicate mind we havY 2 (e together.


After all, it’s not enough to care. Otherwise, how could you have the heart to leave me?


Jin Tan’s drea] . T 0 * 4 qm is to make Che Enshan his world.


I am too self-willed, I am too persistent,W l 3 5 q / f 6 or I am too confident.

323 K t + ` B、在艰苦的日子更要坚强,在幸福的日子G q ] y L 4 W S更要谨慎。E 6 Z ~ ) H L

Be strong in hp . # v @ W } Lard times and cautious in happy days.


Only when you are lonely can you think of the most familiar you.

34、大多旳求爱都是奋不顾身,最后旳结局都是粉身碎~ 9 a % ^ Y q骨。

Most of the courtship is desperate, the final outcome is crushed to pieces.

35、没法给你幸0 t = M u [ l q :福那就看你幸福,总之,这次我不会回头。

If you can’t be hU j @ k oappy, it depends on your happiness. In short, I won’t look bz I x + ; 0 kack th$ v H R u V . dis time.


I care about your past, but I car\ e 8 & c z 4 #e more about you becoming my past.


Hide in the streets of endless disaster, smiling through the water is difficE ] Y j + ` {ult to recover.


It is man’s greatest sorrow to seek, to give up and not to give up.

39、爱情是知识的泉源,就像火是光的源r Y P泉一样。

Love is the fountain o; G a Z If knowledge,e | h m $ just as fire is the fount~ R . 4 / p U _ Vain of light.

40、用微笑拼命j z K @ ^ 4 f地掩饰,那嘴角残留的一丝悲| I 7 } i 6伤。

W# P V m 7 Nith a smile to hide desperately, that corner of the mouth remains a trace of sadness.


You can’t see your true image, you can only see your shadow.

42、眼泪是你邮寄给我的礼物,地址是不怎么幸福\ [ K a F

Tears are a gif5 ~ w v 7 8t you sent me by mF : h b 8ail. The address is not very happy.

43、我明知道结果、但还是输给你我的不甘心} ~ \ N y 3 Q ^ &

I know the result, but still lose to you my unwillingness.


I don’t want to explore words and phrases to depict a darker and dark! L j %er vastness.


You’ll never know how much you love someone who fantasizes about you.