At first, it was you who were together, but at last it was me who was reluctant to part.


The beginning is beaud L X etiful, the process is tired, the end is sad, it is difficult to wake up.


I’ve been a pJ d r q 4 5 E ^ {asser-by to countg M q t (less people. It doesn’t matter if I have one more of y+ r m u a { [ rou.


Since I don’t like it,l ` $ @ $ – X # why did I spend time and feelings together?


Th& f 2 { Y ~ink about the past, you are the only one of my, when I left you, the pain can not breathe.

6、人生那么Z . * Q X短,凭什么让不重要的人影响了自己重要的心情。

L; W L Z – 0 Tife is so short, why let the unimportant affect their important mood.

7. k B ; E 6 8 F s、感谢你陪我走过那一季的繁花似锦,落英缤纷。

Thank you for a! S ; ! G Cccompanying me through the season of blossoms and colorful falls.

8、希望你幸福,不要硬撑z = S ^ ^ v }。有时候,世界不是你想象的那样。

Hope you arm X ,e happy, don’t hold on. Sometimes the world i, p Z 8 !s not whad s g P $t you think it is.

9@ 4 N 5 / H N、我在前面像小丑一M [ @ l _ w F样做戏,而你却在背后笑着看着议论着。

I was acting like a clown iK x X r Y En front of me, and you were laughing and talking behind your back.

10、你的人生路上,铺满了爱的花蕾,总有那么d / c Q一朵属于你。

Your life is full of buds of love, there is always one that belongs to yo* S f / ; E T fu.

11、不要说我q @ \爱的值不值,痛死了也不会说后k 0 ? | q 1 q \ r悔的才叫爱情。

Don’t say that Ii w 7 love is not worth it, pain will not say r@ N A %egret is called love.


The expression is unique, the color is monotonous, my world is colorless.


There are two realms ic . ) _ \ N t ! /n life, one is p` – 8 o x . ,ain without sayin7 Z p B C – r w Ag, the other is laughter without saying.


I may be an accident to you, but you are a love to me.

15、在每个星光陨落的晚上,一| A 4 6 # 4 i遍一遍数俄的寂寞。

Every night whH ) v O ] oen the stars fa: s o + Wll, I count th[ ~ K 5 Z ~ $e loneliness of Russia again and again.


A hA s : p ! % o jumble oath can alwz C _ : N o X Kays get me deep inB \ ? A M + $ the mud, even if I say it oveM % _r and over again.


Memory naturally has its value worth recalling,: d D * _ and it can’\ H # G & Ct be bought back for any amount of money.


If we regard e: 5 T W d # f o xmotio( 7 6 m sn as a game, then in this game, only two losers are hurt.


Even if you fade out of my life, it still occupies my memory.


With a blossom of time, I tell you my wandering miss.


Apa, 0 J + ( y g &rt from tears, we have nothing left, a heap of wreckage that we can’t bear to see.

2{ c f 5 m2、说过的话,绝不d V – Z C _ M 1 x说第二遍;放弃的人,绝不看第二眼!

Never say a second time what you said; n3 | % i 8 # 5evero N D . b & v look at a second time when you give up!


When crossing the st. { Mreet, you hold my hand tightly, I kl v \ e 2 P } tnow this is happiness.

24、亲眼目睹自己的热情冷却d K } U k o E,那是种怎样的切肤之痛。

To witness the cooling of one’s enthusiasm is a kind of skin-cutting pain.


Give me a brave r] c a Ueason, I will once again be despew \ e A 1 Y Yrate.


Don’t blame others fop O dr disappointing yog r 6 c %u, blame yourself for expectinf % , v t t qg too much.


A good woman is a school, and a good man can stay to teach after graduation.

28、真的2 p w n没有什么东西,完美得值得我们用生命坚持。

There’s reZ a tally nothing, perfect enough for us to insist on witQ ; u f h v ! dh our lives.


When it clears up,k Q | ~ , q maybe I will love you again.


The world is really small. It seems that once you turn around, you d} l 9 F J t X c lon’t know whk % l { m Vo youW o ] A Q will meet.

31、握住的手,始终要放。谁不是! 3 ! @ ^ o一边受伤,一边学会坚强。

Hold your hand, always let it go. Who is not injur* | g h ) u $ Med while learning to be strong?

3T m F + L2、女孩子是从来不讲道理的,她们的道理,就是q } ) q自己的感觉。

Girls never make sense. Their reason is their own feelings.

33、我能想到最M d A @ 1 E浪漫的事。就是和你一起慢慢变老。

I can think of the most romantic thing. Just grow old with you.


We walk on different roads and nevej ; = k Ar loox . 9 t L q e D =k back at each other’s happiness.


We also had good memorie* P } ] v P m %s, but let the tears stain blurred.

36、不管在那里,只要有你在的地方,我都会] s ] = S O幸福。

No matter where you are, I will be happy as loni u e 6 `g as you are there.

37、离开我就U ( L C 4 | 8别安慰我要知o X = 0 ? | j h E道每一次缝补也会遭遇穿刺的痛。

If you leave me, don’t comfort me. I want to know that every sewing will suffer from puncture pai= T 1 0 ! & dn.


What’s wrong with blurting out your name? I miss you very much.

39、任何事到最后都是好事[ ! V,如果还不是好事,就是没有到最后。

Everything is good in the end. If it’s not good, it’s not g. , ; \ –ood in the end.

40、少走2 & O 9 d o Z o了弯路,也就错过了风景。无论如何,感谢经历。

If you take leZ x \ ~ss detou7 / _ Y Y m 1rs, you will miss the scenery. Anyway, thank you forL ; 9 \ W s G \ your experience.


Many times you can doubt me, except when I say I love you.


A woman, the first person she thinks of when she is drunky + ^ ^ A 4 E ~, is the one who hurts her mos! – W . Tt.


Tomorrow is the fastest-growing land in the worM V ) L \ld. It is full of hope| s M j m.


Girl, do you hold your head up, don’t bow your head, don’t give your eyes to the dog easily?


I s| 6 Nah \ vid it was an eu 6 b w ^ Gmot# O 3 Y v 1 I Sional release, but you said it was a manifestation of ignorance.

46、我的心不是公交车,不是有空位就可以坐G G u / o t下来。

ME ? + b k j Zy heart is nv r T i N @ | Pot a bus, not a seat to sit down.