I just think, I thought about you, not much, just miss you.


Whose laughter hides allh g , 7 H d H \ 0 tears, whose enchantment dances all over the rivers and mountaiO / _ns, whose scars are singing.

3、即使爬到最高的山上,} I W B l 3 ~ F一次也只能脚踏实地地迈一步。

Even if you cl3 j 2 3imb the higheso * 2 ] c m & u 2t mountain, you can only tak8 , = ] be one step at a time.


Everyone’s right to be forgiven4 Y 8 c F # ` 3 5 onceG q W T i z 2 9 C, but you deprive it.

5、我爱你!无论你爱不) ] C , P f u爱我!{ { z , j 5 M你都是我的最爱!一生一世!

I love yo} Z o r A # `u! Whether youS \ a love mo + i ye or not! You are my favorite! One’s whole life!

6、人生短短数1 E – P A q L a十载,最要紧的是满足自己,不是讨好他人。

Life is only a few decades, the most imK j sportant thing is to satisfy oneself, not to please others.

7、窗前明月光,迷案一桩桩。举头玩淡定,低N = y P ? 6 t J头问元芳。

The moonlight in front of the window is a mystery. Raise your head and play calmly, bow your head and ask Yuanfang.


Dear, I will always love you, beb J z ~cause you ars K R A e & He the most important person in my lifO ( 6e.

9、就这P P Y F样倔强的走下去,在回忆里慢慢的死去。

So sJ 2 w , H %tubborn go on, slowly die in memory.


We h. . 1 3ave been practicinu A mg smiling all the time, and finally become the people who dare not cry.


T= ` ? K |hose girls, teach me to grow up; those boys, teach me to love.


I lR H Pike tr } I j V W s Ao laugh, because I want to melt sadness into my smile.


If it’s not true loq z % B } b ~ Dve, how can someone not even dignity.


Wu X . D ` E Q R 8alking without boundaries is the best way for me to enjoy my loneliness.


It’s heartbreaking to be misunderstood by someone you tru6 + w & u M ; W +s| a n dt.


Some. @ s K Z m g d people, soZ e Ame thZ ] X | C T gings. I don’t say, I don’t ask, i+ 4 ( 9 { k |t doesn’t mean I don’t car| $ c 7 ) & 9 J 2e.P v a \ j _ G

17、把别人看得太重,结果在别人眼里自己什么Q P \ s . z f ( =都不是。

If you value others too much,a ` 5 U you will see yourself as nothing in others’eyes.

18、这场爱,我输在不够R E T G P { l [ {心狠,她赢在爱不够认真。

This love, I lost not hard enough, she won in love is not serious enough.

19、青` ^ I r t ( _春是最奢侈的奢侈品,因为拥有的人,根本不在乎它。

Youth is the most luxurious luxury, be& F 6cause the person who owns it doesn’t * Y 6 At care about it at all.


You should have known him before, and you would not exist at all.

21、断断续续、叙说曾经,曾经最美的回忆,回忆那是d ` { d O s .时你。

Intermittent, narrative onc. , y He, once the most beautiful memories, memories of that time you.


There is nothing wrong with living like Xiaoqiang as long as he does not die.


There is always so little sadness that I don’t know where to vent.

24、我,不会哭,不会笑,累了我就会消失, ] t } d x F R一下。

I don’t6 q 4 d $ $ { : cry, I don’t laugh, I will disappear whm ] a . f zen I’m ty V M Z Uired.

25、不是W C T m [我不爱你的过去,而是你d % z的过去里没有我。

It’s not that I( S \ don’t love your past, but tha_ U m N 4t you didn’t have me in your past.

26、人生晃如梦,梦中竟F ^ 6 T 8 *也有你的J 2 @ o t y ` 8 $影子,醒来,偷偷傻笑爱。

Life flickers like a dream, and there is your shadow in it. Wake up and sneak a silly laugh at love.


I want the whole world to know that you have contracted4 7 A W I this fish pon& g R C d =d.

28、微笑掩饰泪,是我太坚强u 3 J,还是你不容我悲伤。

Sme ) r ) W z xile to hide tears, is I too strong, or you can not let me sad.


There is a kind of love, knowing that there is no wz i :ay forward, but the heart can noG w k y 8t be retrieved.

30、4 # i g B 9 d : i爱是需要能力的,那能力就是,让R 9 , 6 r你爱的人爱你。

Love) i { _ N nee. y d i .ds ability. That ability is to let the person you love love love you.


I am your past, but you are my last reY E s F M Aliance.


Even if our past has not been proved, I still guard you.


My Dada’s horseshoe is a mistake. I’m not a returnee. I’m a passer-by.

34、或许是深知每段感情的持久不易,我不? o # O S再轻易拿出心。

Perhaps iw f st’s hard to know how long each relationship lasts. I don’t tD a P 4ake it easy anymore.

35[ Z ]、心灵深处: 0 D ] ; H有个人,捅了我一刀我还要笑笑说我很好。

Deep in my heart, there’sA a G m ~ . O G a man who stabbed me and I have to laugh and sas ` 3 . / q f P Gy I’m fine.


I thought we we& 6 c $ q u Z h 4re good, but in fact we knew each other in our he} h – ? varts.


The most beQ 5 b , t e $ 1 wautiful thing is that when I think people go to the empty building, you arz { l 4 3 : ^ g ke still there.


Tears under the eyelashes, who passed by the sc) 8 { penery,X # – L | hurt the heart.


S] + 7 – k S lay sorry to yourself, I tortured myself for a man.


I miss not onlx p – x * Z $ Y Oy yo$ E F P m ^u, but also me who loved y( W ! f ? rou so m= P ] | ; i ( ^uch in those years.


In addQ i u – / &ition to offeU p ? D Z & M xriJ @ V :ng infinite affectioq M t } a 0n an? F gd pax C p f \ ) 7 ntience, it als– f {o needs a little courage to resolute.

42、只要是大晴天,我的悲伤就不会在阳光下Z k 7 b ? Y D {,蔓延。

As long as it is sunny, my sorrow wi# ( z = ,ll not spread in the sunshine.


The original heartache, is like this; hypnotize yourself, tell yourself, tj 5 Where is happiness.


Who, youn i { / T are not Guo Jing, why ask me to love you like Huang Rong?