Once thought it was not easy to own, but later learned that it was more di& j & a * $fficult to abandon.

2、可不可以给我一个角落,再让我讲k ] [ u B ^ 3 9 X一遍我们的故事。

Can you give me a cornero r ` t 6 and let me tell our story again?

3、是不是1 ] ~我不说起,你永远也不会提及那阵的荒凉。

Is it true that you will never mention the desolk A Pation if I don’t mention it?


Encountered with a s{ g m { E X # Pmile, missed the despair, each stop is not lonely.


Who is the future` / b, ink [ v jtermittent pen outlines the pale tomorrow.

6、当我们懂得珍惜平凡的幸福时,= \ m就已经成了人生的赢家。

When we know how to cherish ordE ) 9 & q R ? ninary happiness, we have} ~ | ] g become the winner of life.


ThingsL N % V ] ( F # are mixed, bue r i F t + & –t you take them all for grantes F x { D E E [d.

8、为什么,现在你还是不明白,我是那么的爱你c H y

Why, now you still don’t understand, I love you so much.


If there is still unwillingness, there is no time to give up.


See yo# l e P B Ku, want to see you, meet you, and then we leave.

11、眼泪的背后是另一种明白,放弃背v X H K c x 3后是一( f f z种成全。

Behind the tears is another kind of understU 7 b : C H 1 iandi5 v – . s U Y 6ng, giving up behind is a kind of completion.

12、我的恋爱已折断了党羽,无1 U T _ J . 3 #法连续翱翔在风里飘飘扬荡。

My love has broken the party feathers, unable to fly continuously in the wind.

13、请别带着我一点一点的V M M Q u [ d回温和他曾经的片段,我会无奈。

Please don’t take me a little bit back to moderate his once fragme[ 6 ants, I will be helpless.


There is no reincarnation of lK G C c v f 8ife, it is destined to be like overnight carnival.


Initial entanglement, exhaustive eM M _ $ dntanglement. The last tenderness, after breaking up.


I am not a clown. Don’t treat me as a toy. The person who holds this qualification is not born yet.


Unfortunately, at the end of the story, we still retreateK u x G M A I 9 vd to the position of friends.


If you don’t love me, you’ll regret it. If you hurt me, I’ll let you give it back twice!

19、迟早有一天,p + B Z 5 s , z `我会知道你会找各种借口离开我,

Sooner or later, I will know tha# A G d 7 n @ ^ Jt you will leave me with all kinds ofO d } _ ^ s f M excuses.

20、没有完全合适的两个人,只有互相+ / x J迁就的两个人。

There are no perfect two people, only two people who accom} 1 *modate each other.


When betrayal becomes a habit, how dare you believe that you will be favored?


In the next life, I will be a tooth of yours. At least I feel bad and you will ache.


Many timesj + { r ;, the things that we can’t change eventually change us.

24、花会一年一度的开,可人会不会一年一年的都0 } 9 % b } b在。4 x g m E 4

Flowers will open every year, but people will not beL t r i ( L in ev8 5 L , B R Bery year.


Ya ` + D q $ou can’t understand me because you stand in your own position and look at me.

26、让曾经的温存,继续温Y d D P t # 3 `暖着那颗不再火热的心。

Lea h 8 h S W w @t the warmth of the past continue to warm the heart that is no lL V P I {onger hot.


SomeS E \ X S 7 $ [ words I regret when I say them, but unfortunately they can’t be retracted.

28、我的微笑可以q 4 2 U给任何人,但我的心只能给一个人。

My smile can be given to anyone, but my heart can only bo _ E O A }e givH 3 U *en to one person.


Remembering the blooming Ningxia seemM s y Q @ H vs to touch the rainbow.


If only I leave you can be free, then I would like to leave your world.


Someday, yoi & b d u cu will meet a ra^ K O 3 U 3 L 4inbow-like person with heartbeat.


Because you have your life, I can not go io E C & T \n, so ch[ \ _ [ R / Boose not to disturb.

33、0 \ R V [ I r u `有种幸福是让我牵着你的手,把这道地平线d + L f R走下去。

Happiness is to let me hold your hand and walk down tL w 8 O # E vhe hor1 P t aizon.


Why is it always at the last moment that we r` V w : n j 5 2ealize that our love has long been gone?

35o g 5 V \ \ 8、你说你需要她,以前需要我,现在就不需要我了。

You said y[ 8 Nou5 j 3 h [ / needed her, you used to need me, you don’t need me now.

36、一W r i O `个人最好记性不要太好,因为回忆越多,幸福感越少。

A person’s memQ L I Fory is better not too good, because the more memoJ r 2 3ries, the less happiness.

37、笑一笑十年少,那笑两笑就岂不是直接就没命拉5 O T @

Laugh ten years, that laugh two laughs is np H 8 P { O e ~ –ot directly fatal pu8 M 7ll.


Sometimes I really want to forget you. Forgetting you once appeared iH 8 O @ )n Russia.


I just want to know if there is a second when you love me.Q 0 v d c @ p


Without you, toz 8 . ( m 2morrow is not worth looking forward to, and yestT 4 ! cerda3 n y ) Hy is not worth remembering.


Life has never been easy, but we have become str, k Honger.


Maybe I’m not too smart, but love doesn’t need to play around.


The pain of the otl 1 ! Gher shore ad ] = Pnd the hatred of the other shore merge into the endless sorrow of that riv% x p 0 L Aer!

44、习惯了和你相拥而眠,习, c J { j F ! ;惯了睁眼就能看见你。

Get used to sleeping with you, get used to seeing you when you open your eyes.


When I know you in mk A ^ ;y t$ 6 T ! U F Ryping, I thinkh { W A U 3 f m N I really love you.


If thu ` a d B xat moment could co& R 8 r 6 \ z Jme back, I tA R : D 4hink I would say that again.


We are always busy growing up, but we forget that they are also getting old.


Some words I would ra( A P ? * O 5ther bury in my heart thanB s j say any more pain.


Is theS { .rD 5 n ` + [ Le anyoG F v % X _ % # Ane willing to accompany me crazy, crazy to the whole world moved.

50、你跟谁俩整那表情呢,我欠c i r T A P w你贷款要到期了还是怎么的。

Who are y^ D tou and who are yr z ? A x D 9ou looking at? I owe you a loan that’s due or something.