If the will succumbs, it helps violence to any degree.

2、只有登上山顶,才能看到那边的风光Q 6 \ k F F M 5

Only by climbing to the top of the mountain can we see the scenery over there.


As long as you try to lift your feet, victory will belong to you.


Winter has come, can spring be far behind?

5、少壮不努力,老大I p B 8徒悲伤。

Young men do not work hard) 5 p E \ ( 5 R, old men are sad.


Belief is^ f ^ K 3 F m N the starting p2 $ k f l qoint of success, perseverance is theh $ d h g end point of success.

7、\ r # n t R * ~海浪为劈风斩浪的航船饯行,为随波逐流的轻舟送葬。

Waves are for sailinv 2 ) 0 a i ; 5g boats, and funerals for boats drifting along with the waves.


Low-r ^ * E E 7 .key is an eternal virtue. If you lack heart and[ 7 O Y eyes, you muso ~ g { u ]t learn to be silent.

9、时空的尽头,一t G # { G O H 1 #切物理特性失去意义。

At the end of time and space, all physical properties are meaningless.


Suv f Z E Nccess without rejection will never last.

1S u e S \ ` #1、永远要寻找比自己更积极的人,比自己更积极的环境。

Always look^ . – for people who are more positive than you and for a more positive environment thN 2 + J wan you are.

12、勿问成功的秘诀s p x ) d J x为何,且尽全力做你应该做的事吧。

Don’t ask what the secret of success is, and do your best to d~ 3 n g mo what you should do.


As Heaven keeps vigor through movement, a gentleman should unremitX z z ( | – v n Qtingly pra* & U 5 ?ctice self-improvementE C V o ; u A.

14、因为有悔,所以披星戴月;因为有梦,所以奋d N O e R q \不顾身。

Because there are regrets, so wear stars a@ i ynd mo6 ` 5ons; because there are dreams, so desperate.

15、每天醒来,敲醒自己的不是钟声,而是梦想F F ? . k v G =

Wake up every day, wake up not the bell, but the dream.


Forget the pain of failure and r$ G { A V r r Qemembe^ z \ 3 P Zr the cause of failure.


Th] * ] ` / y 0 : `ose wh5 7 _ \ fo let the end of life enclose cannot g5 : g k o ( p Wo forward half a step.


Flowers should be folded when they are in full blossom, b3 A q l ^ jut not when they are e? ~ n / p :mpty.


Don’t just see other people’s externalW Y H m q : & \ V stains,v O w ( Q $ { but you can’t see your own innerV e _ s L p D | garbage.

20、成功从不会放弃任何人,只q ; [有你放弃成功罢了。

Success never gives up anyone, only you give up success.


With ideal as paper, wit8 ] 3h dilig2 O S / Z d | )ence as pen, to express the magnificent youth.


The greatest failure in life is to give up.


Wei Bian repeatedly refused to wear iron inkstones and recited haD A v =ndbills for yea, W L o T Zrs.


To achievp ` x I Ie the same results as successful peJ W _ \ ~ = ?ople, the same actionsZ o = b . / + 1 Y must be taken.


If we can change our emotions, we can change our future.


Experience is extracted from pain.

27、只会在水T x / i E r . ~泥地上走路的人,永远不会留下深深的脚印。

Those who can only walk on cement will never leave deep foX 0 f n b Botprints.

28、没有口水与; D y 1 d汗水,就没有成功的泪水。

Without saliva and swe[ F # v ~at,o C ( e : { there would be no tears of success.

29、自我控制是最强g ; 5 X者的本能。

Self-control is the instinct of the stronge9 j B s { ]st.

30、自然界没有风风雨2 9 h雨,大地就不会春华秋实。

Withoun l o v – 9 ] Pt wind, rain and rain in nature, the eary & [ nth will not be full of spring and autumn fruits.

31、你可以) G ? X ^用爱得到全世界,你也可以用恨失去全世A 0 d n 5 ~ e界。

You can use love to get the whole world, you can also use hate to lose the whole world.


The secret of success lies in the firm aim.\ T C @

33、一个人失败的原因,在于本身性格的缺点,与环境无关。! + } s B G 7 Q L

T; y H u U ! % che reason for a person’s failure lies in the shortZ & k L R V Fcomings of his own personality, which has nothing to do with the environment.

34、人生的意义O ] i n K l /就在于人的自我完善。

The meaning of life lies in man’s self-improveH 0 p d f T n Zment.


Loss of money can be r) S =ecovered, once it loses credibility, it is difficult to recover.

36、成名每在X L , s A O穷苦日,败事多因得意时。

Every day when fame is poor, failure is mostly due to cD 4 o Z @ W Vomplacency.


Smile is the loneliness when everyone is drunk and I wake up alone.

38、人d l ` d 5 8的最高尚行为除了传播真理外,I # d G 4 _ 3就是公开放弃错误。

In additionD % K p to spreading truth,7 0 \ D & 7 the nobY % ] Z f ( b O /lest ac, H _ –t of man is to give up mistakes publicly.

39、命运,你残忍的诉说着我的悲2 5 / b *痛。

Fate, you tell me my grief cruelly.

40、健康的身体是实D a B O现目标的基石。

A healthy body is the cornerstone of achieving goalsL ` / b . D.


Tomorrow’s hope, let us forget today’s pain.

42 / * ` w2、给人金钱是! $ 0下策,给人能力是中策,给人观念是上策。

Giving people money is the best policy, giving people ability is the best policy, giving people ideas is the best policy.


Youth is not thv V j q F & A # Ye reason for$ E 9 O u h ^ 9 Y you to play, but the capital for your struggle.

44、如果耐不住寂寞,你就看不到p P &繁华。

If you can’t stand loneliness, you can’t see prosperity.

45、想要7 E { o . u s j逃避总有借口,想要成功总有方法!

There is always an excuse to e5 s 1 4scape, and} I i I U C t} J 5 r g phere is always a way to succeed!