If you want to catch big fish, you can’t be afraid of the depth of the water. If you want to pick roses, you have to be afraid of thorns.

2、美丽的. H E _ N ( W A s蓝图,落在懒汉手里,也不过是一页废纸。

A beautiful blueprint falls into the hands of a lazy man and is nothing more than a piece of waste paper.


Spell a spring, sub , % W g tmmer, autumn and winter for a lifetime wiW w & D / } ` Fthout regret.

4、O Q Z v u u + s ,金钱不是万能;但没钱却万万不能。

Money is not omnipotent; but money is omnipotent.


Life does not require us to be th1 U T Z 7 2 m s {e best, it only re* n n U p ] N %quires us to do our best.


EveE 1 ]n an immature attempt is better than a strategy of fetal deathP _ D F G | f C g.


Youth isD L ( C \ _ h K not a period of life, but a si i Q , 1 l % A Qtate of mind.

8、天才就是J k P S P Q P无止境刻苦勤奋的能力。

Genius is the capacity for endle^ s + pss hard work.


If you love, please love deeply; if you don’t love# n Z J h t –, please leave.


Looking at th{ X N 4 5 – : me happy smile of others, I always feel u* % k r R % 9 r *neasy!


Change, from now on; Succesq # g R e F hs, from today on.


For the hope of tomorrow, let us forget the pain of today.

13、使人L ; U疲惫的不是远方的高山,而是鞋里的一粒沙子。

It’s not the distant mountains that make people tired, but a grain of sand in their shoes.


Pride is the enemy of vis Z y K : # 6 octory, and effort is ta q { ? U i !hen & B L z p c \ friend of success.

15、放弃谁都可以,千万不要放弃自己!l V = ~

Give up anyo{ . . bne can, do not give up their own!


Truth, in the silence of babies, is not in the debatL c 7 o } q g [e of wise men.

17、快乐不是因为得到的多而是因4 u % C t n为计较的少!

Happiness is not beP l Z y C ) Ccause you get more, but because you care less.


I am not a born king( N J K 3, but I have blood in my bones that refuses to be trand = Msfused.


When the oJ 2 \ K y % %pportunity comes, you are reaq b z , O & 8 w %dy.


TS A – ) 3 /he dream of a wise man is no more beautiful than the footprints of a fool.


The most important thing in life is not hard work, not struggle, but choice@ d # M Y.


If you fear the rocks falling in front of you,T ` m @ life will always be a pool of stag! ) l W % [nant water.


If you feel that you are walking hard now, it will prove that you are on the uphill( , F _ Q road!


Success equals goals, and the rV = cest are notes to this sentence.


To have a dream isU 6 , } only an intelligence, and to realize it is an ability.

26、悲观的人虽生犹死,乐8 a i L C g N观的人永生不老。

Pessimistic people die, optimistic people never grow old.


When the tearsf u ` O \ H ] K \ run out, they should be strong.


Think{ U K j l % X V . with your brain$ s F _ ! D S X, think with your heart, and prove with your actions.


Take life seriously and be lively.


Sales products should be aimed at the customer’s heart, not at the customer’s head.


The most important value oE y e = D a } ! zf life is the hapH U 8 V Y I wpiness of the soul, not anything outside the body.

320 s } % r、一个有信念者所开发出的力量,大于个只有兴趣者。

A believer develops more power than an interested peL Q . . prson.


Our sense of security c= p \ B n J | ;omes from fully exC 6 h %periencing insecurity.


Success comes from our belief in success.


Today’s advantage will be replaced, p 1 : x by tomorrow’s t: F n @rend.


How can we deal with ourselves without hard work?


It seems that there is no desirable beginning, and it always ends up being hit hard.

38、成功的秘诀就是每天都比别人多努i D l力一点。

The secreQ A D Z p } =t of success is to work harder every day than others.


God never complains about people’s ignorance, but people complain about God’s injustice.


The strong conqu2 ? 4er today, the c^ m S Howards lament yesterday, the laz6 & A ;y sit and wait for tomorrow.x i { 6 j


M6 M i a I \ Mutual understanding is a friend, and mutual unden K Crstanding is a confidant.

42、你认为自己行$ X O ] } 0就一定行,每天要不断向自己重复。

You think you can do it by yours{ f w Zelf, and repeat it to yourself every day.

43、踏实一些,不n 7 W K要着急,你想要的,岁月都会给你。

Be down-to-ec M oarth. Don’t worry. Years will give you what you want.


Failure is the last& I } q 2 b g k Z test of perseverance.

45、恐惧自己受苦的人,V ? y / # O c \已经因为自己的恐惧在受苦。

Those who fear their suffer\ ? z 1ing have already suffered because of their fear.


Only by climbing to the top of the mountain can we sI | 0 D $ { vee the scenery in the distance.


It’s not how much power you have, but how long you can hold on to% y 6 B it.


Opportunities are open only to eno + H ; , ;terprising and promising people, and mediocre peU / i h N kople will never be a] h \ 1 ; Fble to patronize them.


Laziness is puJ G b p ) ) lnished not only by its own failures, but alsm 1 * Vo by the successes of others.


There is still a long way to go, so we must go on resolutely when we are alive.

51、你不坚强,没人替你勇敢。F _ 3 4 7 p # m ~

You are not strong, no one is brave for you.


People w! ] y R ? i ; C Zho are stronger than8 l j v 6 \ me are working hard. There’s no reason why I don’t work hard.


There are only people in the world who can’t think through, and th? N ` i [ # t 1ere is no road that can’t be taken.


Beneficiaries do not do what they do, but those who do no! l T gt, so they work hard but fail to succeed.

55、才华其实就是把与人相同的聪I 9 g i H明用到与众不同的地方。

Tal4 k B . I i s #ent is actually the use of the same intelligence as others to make a differencE ( A B )e.


Intelligence comes from diligence, and genius comes from accumulation.


Suc& T ~cess needs no explanat, O 5 0ion, but failure has many excuses.