Tomorrow returns to tomorrow. How many tomorrows are there. I live for tomorrow and everything is wasted.

2、乐观者在灾祸中看到机会;悲观~ 6 V者在机会中看到灾祸。

Optimists see opportunities in disasters; pessimistg S g ? y F U ?s see disasters in opportunities.

3、不要抱着过去不放,拒绝新的观念和挑r Z W X F战。

Don’t hold on toD / \ I ) the past and reject new ideas and challenges.


For the best results, let’s go crazy to the end.


Street lamp after a night of efforts: b h P, it is worthy of the first ray of morning comfort.

6W J – 2、挫折经历的太少,所以总是把一些琐碎的小事看的太重。

The frustration experience is too little, so always take some trivial things too seriously.

7、漫无目的K . 6的生活就像出海航行T l s k而没有指南针。

Living aimlessly is like sailing without a compass.


The realization of the goal is based on my strong desF g * , q 0ire to succeed.


Because they will never understan D H end how strong I am in love with you.


Day by day, not afraid of thousands of miles; oZ O Hften do, not afraid of thousands of things.

11、成功的信念在人脑中的作用就如闹钟,会在你需要时将你唤2 ` c + [ ] O醒。

Successful believ { 7fs act like alarm clocks in the hT $ H k \ C U 5 :uman brain, waking you up when you need them.

12、没有了爱的语言,所有的文字都是乏味的。G Y + P

Without the language of love, all words are boring.

13、君志所向,一往无* } z K B 3 Z q前,愈挫愈勇,再接再厉。

The more you set your sights on, the more courageous you will be.


It’s hard to get up in the morning if you don’t get back in the prim_ U W z B { / ue of life. Time and| C d ] : n X C G tidz K 7 Pe wait for no man.

15、当你再也没有什o 6 4 { G P么可以失去的时候,& U v E G . O 6就是你开始得到的时候。

When you have nothing to lose, it’s when you start to get it.

16G + u T n @、可以失败,不可以失F 6 p ? ] V . }志;可以失望,不可以绝望。

You can fail, you can’t lose heart; you can disappoint, you can’t despair.


Nothing is a kind{ k 7 { e u S p I of. X ; 7 o wealth, which enables the poor to take action to change their destiny.

18、当你觉* X a得没有人来爱你,别人看见的就是9 – K可怜兮兮,毫无魅力的你。

When you fA \ a R [ a veel that no one loves you, what others sm { 0 H 2 \ + !ee is you who are pitiful4 p 7 M N j Q v and unattractive.


If you want to learn sometf ~ .hing new and make progress, you must lower your posture.

20、每a d – k } ^ q个人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。

EverD / 2 y v W d qyone has at least one dr; B _ % 4 Z team and one reason t= r C 8 [ Q uo bB Z Y z u , \e strong.

21、只有# M \ G P拥有奋斗e , x \ p S 7 n精神,为自己的目标不懈奋斗,这才是成功的关键。

Only with th: 8 1 d x ,e spirit of struggle and unremittingj | = W struggle for their own goals, this is the key to success.


If no one sf k Q Y b 5helters you from the wind and rain, then learn to cut through the thorns and face everyt9 t Ahing.


No matter when yof 5 U | Uu end, it’s import6 H Zant that you donP x J G N o h‘t regret it after it.

24、一个胜利者不会放弃,而一个放弃者永| ) e h远不会胜利。

A winner_ ? ? K 2 will never give up, and a quitter will never win.

25、运气不可s # / U ? y (能持续一] + 4 } . B k N c辈子,能帮助你持续一辈子的东西只有你个人的能力。

Luck can’t last a lifetime. The only thing thau ; w P & } r Mt% \ E can help you last a lifetime is your personal ability.

26、在一个崇高的R & X ; y /目标支持下,不停地工作,即使慢,也一定会获得成功。

With thD c 7 *e support of a loft? 5 6 H ~ ] k Uy goal, working continuously,U ! 0 A , k R even slowly, will surely succeep o t J ud.


Others can only give you dirf | Oections, but can not6 m { ! D . S / / help you walk, their own way of life, but also need to walk by themselves.


There is no impossible thing to do, oU I y ` [ 6nly the person who can’t do it.


People know tha] . l $ 3 X Y w )t since there is no way to die, then find some fun to live.


Action is the curej \ l $ fY s f c por fear,z v ? and hesitation and procrastl B + kination will continue to nourish fear.


LiF Z r @ 5 C Dfe wit( M \ Q N :hout creation is not life, but life.

32、人生舞台的大幕随时都可能拉+ y 9 : 7 u z 9开,关键是你愿意O 5 w & 8 p + k B表演O C a G r ` _ ^,还是选择躲避。

The curtain ofv { 8 E u life can be opened at any time. The keyp 9 1 z is whether you want to perform or choos6 R : F . L /e to avoid it.


If you persevere, yw ? L 7 / ^ K F Sou will never break the dea\ B S x ] %dP S ` l g S 8 b ^ wood; if you persevere, you will carve out the stone.

34、生命不在于活@ A o @ \ P得长与短,而在于顿悟的早与晚。

Life does not consist in living long or short,W } ? P i W W = W but in the morning and evening of insiy + K ! +ghtp 8 + ; W ! : }.

35、生命太过短暂& o Q,今天放弃了明天不一定能得到。

Life is@ 1 R 1 6 ) – ( o too short for today to give up to\ k t A ( Q V 1morrow.

36、勤奋的含义8 ] : t \ [ / @ h是今天的热血,而不是明天的决心,后天的保证。

Diligencep p E N H 9 means the blood of today, not the d\ 9 E Wetermination of toR ^ Rmorrow and the assurance of the day after tomorroR } pw.

3` M K7、如果你觉得现在走的辛苦,那就证明你在走上坡路!

If you feel that you are going hard now, it will prove that you are going up the hill!


Hope for the best and prepare forJ Z 2 P # F k ^ the worst.

39、教育工作中的百分之一的废品,就会使国家遭受严重的损失R % | A \

One* Q O Z = 8 D percent of the waste in education will cause se@ 1 Rrious losses to the country.


Although bamboo shoots are to E Uender, they are not afraid of heavy pressure, dare to struggle, dare to rise to the top.

41、做人要地道,d y D M x & G 0好人有好报;做事要踏实,步履才坚实!

To be a real man, a good man has goo/ \ 2 h –d rewards; to do things steadfastly, to walk steadfastly!


Thought decides the way out, bearing decides height, details decides success oX a R Er failure, and cJ y { e 5 w h mharacter decides fate.


With ideal as paper, with diligence as pen,@ Y ) to express the magnificent youth.


There is no difference between a hopeful man and a woodcutter waiting for a rabbit.