Like a person, will humble to the dust, and then blossom.


When the external pressure increases, the internal power should be strengthened.

3、成功不是凭梦想和希望,而是凭努力和实3 o 0 % K ` }践。

Success depends not on dreams and hopes, but o\ V I V l 0 – #n hard work and practu ^ p O H X Uicex { 3 r o v M.


As long as you fully believe in yourself, no di\ Q : sfficulty can last long enou8 A qgh.\ – Y

5、生活真象这杯浓酒3 { 2 X #,不经三– t E番五次的提炼呵,就不会这样可口!

Life is like this cup of strong wine, without three or five refining, it will not be so delicious!

6、[ & h * & P ( _英雄的事业必定包含着艰险,如Z . x % q %果没有艰险也就不成为英雄了。

Hero’sr % x @ J } N { } career must contain hardsq i 2 U e e )hip, if ther$ – v l G Ve is no h{ H { K 5ardship, it will not be a hero.


If hateful setbacks make you taste bitter fruits, friends, rise up will surely make you taste the joy of life.

8、在世界的前进中起作用的不是我们的才能,而是我们] v , y ; @如何运用才能。

It is not our talents that play a role in the progress of the world, but how we use them.


If the will succumbs, it helps violence to any degree.

10、一个人y R & m t C P $ x若想学会滑冰,那, z o U l么他一定要做好在冰上摔跤的准备。

If a person wants to learn how to skate, he$ $ @ , must be ready to wrestle on the ice.

11、当你没有借口的那一刻,就是你成功的} w , d ;开始。

When you have no excuse, it in O ] @ ) u =s the beginning of your success.

12、见己& M @ L u 8 I I不是,万善之门。见人不是,诸恶之根。

To see oneself is not the door of all goodness. Seeing people is not the root of all evil.

13、你应感谢每位让你蜕变的人无论方式. E O @ L P f J的好坏。

You should thanka A 8 d N ` ( everyone who has transformed you, no matter how good or bad it is.

14、山涧的泉水经h 9 y + 9 [过一路曲折,才唱出一支美妙的歌。

The springs in the mK m y \ v ` \o+ ( + S p K 3untain streams sing a wondeo U % , s c y – $rful song after all$ \ + ` p q the twistsA z { k v o and t, 1 U C jurns.

15、成功的人是a p h Z ( U跟别人学习经验,失败的人只跟自己学习经验。

Succw 8 { Q v : *essful peopl– H D ? V Y {e learn fr7 = = W / – 9om others, while unsucc^ 5 s j Qessful people learn from themselves.

16、有一种缘,放手后成为风景,有一颗心,V X H O坚持中方现真诚。

There is a kind of fate, let go and become6 H v E U 2 M 4 a landscape, have a heart, insist that China is sincere now.


Success is when the– ~ H | ! G – overflowing vitality s8 ? ^ @ G v 9uddenly bursts into a dam and sinks into an appropriate channel.


Time iw x ? $ }s like a bicycle. Its speed depends on the whip in our hands.


It is not because of success that we are sn j ^ Natisfied, but becausi G X ~e of satisfaction that we are successful.


There is no such thing as fJ @ zailure for an indomitable person.

21、谁看不起你都和你没3 @ W M / 0关系,可是自己不能x K ~ { Y \ A ,看不起自己。

Whoever looks down on you has nothing to do with you, but he can’t look down on himself.


Youth is a short dream, when you wake up, it has disappeared without trace.


Don’t forget that others are still running when you stop to rest.

24、6 r a ~ g p n . k一觉醒来,开始憧憬爱情,而爱情刚好做了场诡异的梦。

When I wake up, I begin to look forward to love, which happens to have a str6 E | D ^ Yange dream.

25、天下无难事,唯坚忍\ \ ` { C U –二字,为成功之要诀。

Nothing is difficult in the world, butq 7 R * ! : u Y Q perseverance is the{ & w ; } ^ 4 u M key to success.


The smile s\ n t 2oaked in tears i3 C l ! * os the most brilliant, and the soul* @ ; O out of perplexity is the most sober.


AT 5 } G @ O des% ( \ Ypicable friend is far more terrible than an honest enemy.


Painful memories can not be washed away by tears, only sweat can wash them awayj H 5 c Z & Y Q j.

29、诽谤别人,, A 5就象A B d Y m含血喷人,先污染了自己的嘴巴。

To slander o_ S 6thers is likeR k ( 3 spraying blood on one’s mouth.


We must seek victory in defeat and hope i{ : b L An despair.


Our sense of security comes from fully experiencing insecurity.


You? f W : ? Xth is the only time we hC c [ l nave the right to weave our dreams.

33、不是成功离我们太远) E n K \ G 5,而是我们坚持的太少。

It’s not that success i: W / Q \s too far away from us, but that we insistU ; h 9 / B k too little.

34、谎言像一朵盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短e : C e ; I暂。

Lies are like a blooming flower, bM # \ %eautiful in appearance and short in life.


Kiss only the climber’s footsP D _ F |teps through the clouds.


Keep in mind that every day is the best day of the year.


The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have and forget what you don’t have.