With a positive mentality, seize opportunities in time, keep forging ahead, and keep fighting, it ij L e \ [ a ws possible to create success.


It is not immortals whoj _ y = can burn pottery. People wit6 j @ X : uh ambition can always learn gooN , Kd craftsmansh? % + 4 ! 3ip.


I can bear it. We must restrain our desires, hatred and impetuosity so that we can go further with peace of mind.


No matterd * : – C W ^ j how steep the mountains are, they always leave a way for those who ar= F K + %e not afraid of difficulties to climo | C U D N ~ 1b.


Only by harvestingO 0 m p % 2 can we test the significance of cultivation; only by contributing can we measure the value of life.


Don’t forget the distance you deciV ? M , eded to reach just because of one setback.

7、把m q & 1艰辛的劳作看作是M G D I * } F生命的必然,即使没有收获的希望也心平气和的继续。

Take hard work as the necessity of life, and go on calmly even if thereQ B f is no hope of harvX A R % &est.


LossG 3 ` 6 c ( K g of mi [ ` 1oney can be recovered, once it loses credibility, it is difficult to r0 \ a uecover.


Be kiF g X \ –nd to yourself, not to be controlled by others, not to control others, self-confiden% 8 % d & +ce and elegance.


Don’t be obsessed with online games. Play the big game of life if you have the ability.


Positive people see an opportunity in every distress, while negative pel 1 J xople see a distress in every opportunity.

12、人在得意时需沉得住傲气,在失意时则要忍得Q w / X Z 5 , n –T z S % N 0 , x +火气。

People need to be calm and arrogant when they ar; 1 c n A : d Pe proud, but they need to be calm when they are frustrated.

13、不求与人相比,但求超越自己,要哭} u 6 ]就哭出激动的8 4 c \泪水,要笑就笑出成长的性格。

Not to7 O l ] compare with others, but to surpass oneself, to cry, to cry, to cry, to laugh, to laughR \ e, to grow character.


No one knows in advance how powerful he is until he has tried.


Succes– 9 ~ # ~ ( F A ]s has no skill at all. I always try my best to dok , U W M ) a l w my job.


All victories are insignificant compared with those of conquering oneself.

17、生命之长短殊不重要,只要你活a x M N K得快乐,在有生之年做些有意义的事,便已足够。

The length of life is not important. As long as you live happily and do something meaningful in your lifetime, it will be enough.


Great undertakings are not accomplished by streq { P hngth, speed and agj } B b \ility of the body, but by the power of character, will and knowlZ N / i p & p 2edge.

19、卓越的人一大优点是:7 ` x在不利与艰难的遭遇t * Q X ` z里百折不挠。

Onk ` s % F xe of the great ad/ 4 v ]vantages of an et W ( r r z dxcellent person is th– , Y y 9 0 Vat he will persevere in adverse and difficu% 2 V 4lt situations.


The most promising winners are not those with outstanding talents, but those who make the best use ofU [ 4 V ? w every opportunity to explore and develop.


The person with one watch knows what time it is, but the person with two watches can’t determine the` q c ^ B time.

22、狠得下,对自己要狠,! G / ;不要贪图安逸、不要害怕改变、不要患得患失,该出手时就出手。

Be ruthless, be ruthless to yourselp e #f, don’t be eage) h M g h 8r for comfort, don’t be afraid of change, don’t sufferL V L @ R from gains and losses, you should sta% m 9 7rt when you start.

23、不要因为怕被玫D ! E A | 7 C w瑰的刺伤到你,就不敢去摘玫瑰。

Don’t be afraid to pick roses for fear of being hurt by the thorns of roses.

2m m : *4、记住:你是你生命的船长,走自己的路,何必在乎其它。

RR \ , m ( f T Pemember: you are the captain of your life, go your own way, why care about other things.


Only when people perfect themselves for their contemp) K Xoraries and work for their happinr 8 = oess can they ach[ F 7 7 C % fieve their own perfection.

26、再好的种子o ^ $ U,不播种下去,也结不出丰硕的果实。

No good seed can bear fruitful fruit without sowing it.


A person who can see things from1 j ! other people’s ideas and understandr $ – I + other people’s spiritual activities should never worry about his future.


If peoplT X S e ,e’s a4 M S ^ @ctivities are not inspired byd 6 m / ` d $ ideals, they will become em# s G 7 6 Xpty and insignificant.

29、因为年轻我们一无所q , P有,也正因为年轻我们将拥有一切。

Because when we are young, we hg W N # | G , Oave nothing, and because we are youG @ P @ng, we will have everything.

30、明天的太阳还会升起地球也用相同! _ 4 ^ I + { %的速度旋转着梦醒了还要继续好好生活。

Tomorrow’s sun will rise and the earth will spin at the same speed and wake up and continue to live a good life.

3` H i N b O 4 11、上帝从不埋怨人们的愚昧,人们却埋怨上帝的不公平。

God never complains about peopd , 7 F \ E 4le’s ignorance, but people complain about God’s unfairness.


The strings are so loose that they can’t play beautifulr m 8 ` music; life is so loose that it can’t ignite the flame of life.


Warriors fight against storms without sinking, cowards drown in calm waters.

34、一切伟大的行动和思想,都有一个微不足道B } l i 3的开始。

Every great action and tho/ y 0 .ught has a small beginning.

35、这社会你改变不了就得适应,适应不了就得被淘汰% V T \!这叫适者生存!

In this society, if you can’t change, you have to adapt. If you can’t adapt, you have to be eliminated. This is survival of the fittest!


If you ask God for help, it shows that you believe in Go3 x z m 9 !d’s power; if God does not help you, it shows that God believes in your power.

37、没有人陪你走一I ` y } r 0 o W辈子,所以你要适应孤独,没有人会帮你一辈子,所以你要奋斗一生J u } I J F

No one aX 6 I {ccompanies you for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to lof J % g M H T |nelig ) M $ nness, no one will help you for a lifetime, so you have to struggle for a lifetime.

38、一生中你唯一需要回头的G 6 g x a 4 g时候,是为了看自己到底走了多远。

The only timem p y h @ you need to look back in your life is t2 Q N C so see how far youh N E have come.

39、每一枝玫瑰都有刺正如每个人的8 V 0 S ! – 5 3 &性格里都有你不能容忍的部分。

Ev? j z + f G Jery ro? 0 %se has t% { & ! qhorns, just as every character has parts! o \ Z 5 ( H 2 A you cannot tolerate.


A person’s ability to beaK \ \r loneliness is as great as his ability.


When you fall to the bottom of the valley, don’t despaI B q 3ir, raise your head, you will se_ H _ x 8 c ke a brilliant starry sky.

42、与其临渊l s @ / Q羡鱼,不如退而结网。若不给自己设限,则人生中就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。

Rather than envy the fish in Linyuan, it is betterM S D T 4 N to withdraw@ h K n and net7 ! 0ting. I[ ( S L M ~ 2f you don’t set limq y h xits on yourself, theb j y m % T 2 ore are no barriers in life that limit your abilT U xity to play.

43、一切经得起再度阅读的语言,一定值得再度思% A L | V ; n索。

All languages that can stand re-reading must be worth rethinking.

44、长在我们大脑左右的耳朵,往往左右我们的大脑。= U ^ * T

The ears tha{ 4 dt gre q Yow around ourr * $ 6 { | s 8 brains often control oure B 2 u brains.


Life is beautiful to some people, who struggle for a goal in their life.

46、人的一生,没5 – : $有一味的苦} V # 9 \,没有永远的痛;没有迈不过的坎,没有闯不过的关。

In one’s life, there is no blindly bitter, no eternal ph O V R x 7ain; there is no barrier thati , _ cannot be overcome, no barrier that c] ] / I ] tannot be broken.

47、一个人是在对周围生活环境? % ` , V Q = k ~的反抗: = m中创造成功的。

A man creates success in his resistance to hie t 4 @ S 9 As surroundings.