Life can also be burnt or corrupted. I would like to burn up and exhaust ap 5 A @ll the light.


It’s not how much power you have, butj / ; ` ` { f how long you can7 s K – A c b hold on tou ] v it.

3、千万别说直到永远,因g E w + 3 |为你压根不知道永远有多远。

Never say forever, because you never know how far forever i/ \ | p B O ! @s.

4、爱情就像俩个拉着橡皮筋的9 C s ! X m 2 –人,受伤的总是不愿意放手的那一个。

Love is like t| = J r \ h :wo people with rubber bands. The one who is hurt is always the one who is unwilling to let go.

5、人e t A生最大的喜悦是每个人都说你做不到,你却完成它了!

The greatest joy of lif$ O R S Z 8 O ~e is that everyone says yS 4 Q q p | ]ou can’t do it, but you have finished it_ : c j u!


Successful people learn from the experience of o4 B D U i gthers, and ordinag | Y Ory people learn from theia a \ Z & P N br own experience.


When you hol* k = \ O % W bd the sand in both hands, you will not be able to get the Pearl on the ground.


I don’t want to think about whether I can succe~ r 2 U _ed or not. Since I choose to go far, I only care about both wind and rain.


Once a tricka 1 P p N . 2 ) 1le of water ceases to make noise, the vast sea ceases to breathe.


We suffer setbacks because God does not allow us to stop trying.

11、拼命去争取成功,但不要期望一定d Z K X p { z Q会成功。

Desperately strive fx W F Zor success, but don’t ex5 # t g F v v kpect to succeed.


If talent is compared to a sworQ H $ d A @ C 3 ]d, diligence is the sharpening stone.


Don’tj S T . D i sink, you can choose to rise in any environment.


Let’s change our worries into thinkiB C X { . Cng and planning in advance.


People need to be calm and arrogant when they are proC [ ` Bud, but they need to be calm when they are frustrated.

16、奋斗者在汗水汇集的江河里,将事业之舟驶到^ J 7 U x i C了理想的_ g } * j彼岸。

Strugglers i; d a t y M +n the sweat-ladenE b f 7 ] A l _ U river, the cause of the bo@ \ 1 v Y uat to the other siu 7 W = w } ^ 5 Nde of the ideal.


The greatest glory of life lies not in never failing, but in being a\ J _ Q ) n 8ble to serve and rise aga% . –in and again.

18、只要是辛勤的蜜s 1 | }蜂,在生活的广阔原野里: _ \ u B,到处都可以找到蜜源。

As longe ^ S w 8 ? as it is hard-working bees, in thC | [ x &e vast wilderness of life, you can find honey everyW W Bwhere.

19、自恋是源于对于生活的极端热爱,对于细节以及享乐主义的不断7 ; b g追求。

Narcissism is rooted in the em – W f C F d lxtreme love of( 4 X A q h life, the constant pursuit of details and hedonism.

20、最好的改变方式,是我们跟内在力量沟通,然后它会改变我们t ` 4 2 k o f

The best way to change is to commun/ Z $ x R Q `icate with our i4 Y D cnner forces, and then it will change us.

21、若? 2 ( .不给自己设限,则人生中就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。

If you don’t set limits on yourself, there are no barriers in/ w l T & P e E M life that limit your ability to play.

22、设立目标,然后把目标细化为y 2 { C每一步的实际行动。

Set goals and then refine them into practical actions at each step.


Temporary patience is for greater freedom, while temporary d5 ( & ! y ? h Tiscipline is for greater success@ U J W.


Be kind to others, be considerate to others, love life and strive for life.

25、人生就_ : K s _ l ; X k象一个球,无论如何滚来滚去,总有在一个点上停止的时候。

Life is like a ball. No matter hW n ) N 8 C :ow you roll around, there is always a point whey P K ]n it s. M p n : 1 ]tops.


If seedlings refuse to prune because they aJ Q f l = (re afraid of pain, they will never grow.


Greenl S 5 u T * ( is taken from blue and blue is taken from blue; i| = f W Y Q V 9ce is made from water and cold is made from water.


Whoever controls hisE h q ` u \ ; future management pP R ^ower will become a strong man and a handsome man.


Self-discipline can help you do what you don’t want to do but have to do.

30、我不喜欢戴手表,因为时间是个沉甸甸{ w O I的东西。

I don’t lq p 8ike wearing watches, because time is a h8 w P F k Peavy thing.


If you can’t fly, the ideal wings become a burden of life.

32、我们一定不要当三等T B W T r D x @ #公民:等下班、等薪水、等退休。

We must not be_ V w F W ^ I T q third-class citizens: waiting for work, salary, retirement.


The character of the waves is that they are crushed by the rocks many times\ + y K v and pounced on th1 M # ee rocks with countless flashes.

34、记住:你是你生命的船长,走– z F p v B J 3_ : = ; ` T N w己的路,何必在乎其它。

Remember:[ 8 6 you are tQ 6 Hhe captain of your life, go yo@ x ( = @ur own way, why care about oU a rther things.


Spray, never accompM X X \ d U w & Wanied by small performances hiding in the harbor,\ J b Y n 2 \ but always chasing the giant wheel of struggle forward.

36、你U M g z O N t用什么优势赢得人生,就会用同样的原因输掉人生。

What advantl e 1 6 p Jage do you use to win your life? You will loZ L K ? 8 & ^ / )se your life for the same reason.


When your abilities can’t control your goals, then youC j w Q ! O J R should calm down and practice.


For the strong, we should pay attention to theird Z p A = ! l O soul. For the wea\ ) – \ _ O ; 2k, we should payZ C C E u h ! 7 atte| ^ m Cntion to their survival.


When hardships come, it wi5 8 V ~ { ]ll be more aftertaste to surpass them.


Failure is what I ne8 D x L w zed. It’s a! U H f # Vs valuable as success.


People who are sy P 9 Ttronger than me are working hard. There’s no ra C g 7 3 peason why I don’t work hard.


We are not oz . 5 G P U Rther people’s role models in our life, bp = y g Aut other people’s reference.

43、活着的x l + P目的不在于永远活着,而在于永远活出自己。

The purpose of living is not to live forever, but to live forever.

44、因为年轻我们一无所有,也正因为年轻我们将拥Y 5 U m L @ O W W有一切。

Because when we are young, we have nothing, and because we are young, we will: R W v | h] i / j \ .ave everything.