I want to say, I’m not good without you! Not living the same way.


Some of th` h k # m _ G ~ se flourishing years that refuse to close the curtp t w t v k | tain blossom i– P . g | a Xn the wilderness of the earn 1 % hth.


I fear lonelinesX \ h w @s when I am alone, and silence when I am t3 e I m 8 S C M cwo.


Holding your hand, wherever I am, I feel like running towards heaven.


Qianqiu meritorious fame8 ] T k Q y X S ^, a lifetime burial you, exquisite commu` D U * R 2 pnity, ridiculous but no king’s life.

6、人生,总会有不期而遇的温暖,和生生不息的希望_ v ( = ) : % Y

Life, there will always be unexpected warmth, and endless hope for life.


I used to think that love would die without you. In fact, love can’t die.


Gr) $ S Q O 0a? U ~ t O 1 aduated, there is no so-called truancy, to freedom and ramble farewell.


WeA ? V t B U : * $ can’t dream any more, even though it’s so beautiful.

10、别小看任何人,越不起眼的人S j B 2 { l往往会a ( q & p b p : ^做些让人想不到的事。

Don’t underest| L W %imate anyone, the less impressive people tend to do somethg c Z h ;ing unexpected.


It’s not so much that others make you miserable as that you don’t have enough self-cultivation.


In spring, there are many beaul k ) 9 $tiful peach blossoms on the trees, which emit fragrance.


Not every worN b } e e 6d of sorry can be exchanged for one.1 ) 7 p r )


Perhaps, you came out of my sight, but did not come out of my missing.

15、你笑的那么灿烂,f b 8却不知我为你流过多少泪。

You laugh so brilliantly, but I don’t know how many tears I shed for you.


Taking care of everL J T [yone’s feelf W H S c ? V x vings is doomed not to fo x weel well.


If a friend makes you ang4 [ T ( n x ^ry, that means you still care about his friendship.

18、生命力顽强的种子,从不对瘠土唱^ 1 e R 0 / _ % \诅咒的歌。

The seed of tenacious vitality never sings a curse se ( P : : [ ~ )ong to the barren soil.

19、可不可以不要不理我躲避我,尽管我q r D U a – G l –爱你而你不爱我。

Can you not ignore me to avoid me, altS 5 z , p ?hough I love you and you do not love me.


Feeling like ay # H 4 puppet, experience numbness.


The crow is black on one side. He doesn’t want to be white-haired by himself.


Memories of what to die, from now on I want to live vt z t 3 ?ery free and easy.


There’s nothing wrong with a fat paper] ! C t 8 m Y 0. At least it can warm other people.


The mor? u h $ z U – P se familiar you are with your people,T h Y V a k w n ^ the more you know where stabbing wii 6 h F – wll hurt you.

25、不喜欢的就扔掉,扔不u & C j 9 d掉的就还是喜欢。

If you don’t l( q & i U n 7ike it, throw it away@ U , A O k \ +. If you can’t throw it away, you still like it.


Flowers blo/ 5 v # zssom in one season, incense in the street, grief in one season and injury in the pillow.

27、我的世界是寂静无声q H # 0 ] +的,容纳不下8 ^ ( p F N * B +别人。

My world is silent, unableT , C 4 r 6 0 to a5 p W 2 , / [ccommodate oL E T l sthers.

28、不要总想人家,就4 N F S & Y算你付出在多,人家也不会落泪; D l

Don’t always miss others, even if you pay mor{ L [ – s \ | We, they won’t cry.


A few years of youth, a few years of friendship, students and teenagers always remember each other.

30、苍茫Y w e = V f Q大地一剑尽挽破,何处繁华笙歌落。

Where is the flof r – N @urishing Sheng song?


To attend a friend’s wedding, don’t drink too high and unconscious. It’s very shocki` 4 u P @ o : ] Png.g O % H Q 7 A


There was an abyss lurking in her heart, and no sound could be heard when the boulders were thrown down.


Without that childiH P t ] L Xshness, Russia is still the former Russia, has not changed.


BecausK s I @ Xe I have never known each other, so I have never bG f \ 6een sad. Never happy.

35、今2 – 3 N g s k @晚多几分钟的准备,明天少几小时l 5 h {的麻烦。

A few minutes more preparationV 8 V k tonight and a few hours less trouble tomorrow.

36、缘分叵测,我们无. & \ x \从得知下L – Q S q E $ l –一刻会发x T } V生一些什么。

Fate is so bad tg v N i f ^ P J vhat we can| ~ L 4‘t know what will happen next.


I kn+ a g o w H x ] pow the result, but still lose to you my unwX g Y ) 0illingness.


What you call lovp \ % a : a / ^ 6e. It’s just a whim.

39、成熟不是心变老,而是眼泪在f X ;眼里打H d G W = 8 ^转却还保持微笑。

Maturity is not about the heart get# & _ I y m X 2ting old, but about tears roll= % 2 /ing in the eyes and smiling.

40、原来心疼,是这样的;催眠自己,告诉自己,有L E Q i 4 \ \ E幸福。

The original heartache, is like this; hypnotize yourself, tell yourself, there is happiness.


Don’t threaten me with death, it’s your own life.


Only when life can stand calm can it show the truth of calm and indifferent.

43、相忘谁先忘,倾国是故国。V * M + $泠泠不肯弹,蹁跹影惊鸿。

Wh) I . K 1 g m & No forgets each other first forgets the country is thg : ] } K p Ce homeO | G 8 countryK u E F L ~ . D l. Lingling refused to play, and his shadow was startled.