Walk with you to the Himalayas just to make you laugh.


Unutterable grievY b eance is grievance, cry until laughter is pain.


Any limitation starts from the inside of oneself.


Clear heart, therei P a R H c [ i d is no trouble; little desire, there is no pain.

5、人若是把一生的光阴虚度,便是抛下黄金未买一i l _ u , S 1 F物。

If a man wastes his life, he leaves behind gold and does not buy anything.


They never seem to formally sayZ . U good% } g C l . 9 –bye. And every tit D _ [ V * ^me it’s absolute.

7、如果注定,你是我的空+ l )气,我情愿,忍住呼吸。

If doomed, you are my air, I would like to hold my b: A f F F Y dreath.

8、$ { R E p j只要不放弃努力和追求,小草也有点缀春天的价值。

As long as we don’t give up our efforts and\ ` 2 m % D R T pursuitsZ q P r ( ^, grass has the value of embellishing spring.


A person’s existence is often manifested long after it disappears.

10、学佛不是对死亡的一X } S \ O B r X 9种寄托,而是当下就活得自在和超越。

Learn% * 8 Qing Buddhism is not a suv l l G E ) b Cstenance for death, but living freely and surpassing at present.


Time is the only capital of a man who has no property bE # ? 0 W H 3 D %ut wisdom.

12、每个人心中,都F \ A会有一个古镇情怀,流水江南,烟笼U d 2 ` O ! P E _人家。

In everyonM \ k @ \ 5 8e’s heart, there will bB e n + i T G m 5e an old town feeling, flowiN ) .ng south of the Yangtze River, sm~ Z N Doke cage people.

1z } 4 : 5 }3、别人永远对,我永远错,这样子比较没烦恼。

Others will always be right, I will always be wrong, so there is no worry.


The faf A V 9ster you run yesterday, the greater the resistance to the wind. Resistance goes hand in hand with achievement.

156 ^ @ 6 p / {、受伤的时候,偶尔一次让我听听你呼吸。

Onc9 E _ v r % 1 2e in a whiv ^ E Qle, let me hear, M ! ? 8 ) 4 you breathe when I’m hi W Y = ^urt.


Now that you have identifie7 g A ? E K ! M Bd a road, why go and ask how long it will take?

17) Q H e 9 ]、在花丛中,不再胆怯的满天星,慢慢地抬起它们的头来。

In the flower bushes, no longer cowardly stars, slowly raise their heads.


Fingers will not move, tears will not flow, time will not go.

19、乱世的热闹来/ 6 F S \ V e自迷信,愚人的安慰只有自欺。

The excitement of troubled times comes from superstition, and the comfo] l # 6 6rt of fools is only self-deceptiQ ( I \ Y ( Von.# } 9 V a X ~


Those years that have passed are the most beautiful ones in my life.


If you want to know a ma@ ( Q $ % $ . }n completely, you’d better not be his lover, but his friend.


It’s not old, it’P r B _ Ws hard to resist. The heart is like a double wire mesh, witT R f s o Jh thousands of knots.


When autumn goes to spring, who pities the wind and lot| s yus in the courtyard, Shaohu2 $ za Baishou, but therez u \ 2 : i 3 x is a shorta7 + x C I lge of floating life.

24、也许ー个转F o 7身,真的是永远恴别离毕业赠言。

Maybe turning around, it’s really a gift of leaving school forever.

25、我要强大到` P ~ Y,任何事情都无法破坏我内心的平和。

I want to b= # 9e strong enough that nothing can destroy my inner pe) ~ ( \acI { / Be.

26、树苗如果因为怕痛而I k N i W J ) Jh L | / N 3 z绝修剪,那就永远不会成材。

If seedlings refuse to prune because they are afraid of pain, they will never grow.


Plain colour is like brocade. St1 w *ay in the quiet time, and forget with you in the horizon.

28、做好第一次并不难,难的是b { – b ^ ] J G做好每一次。

It| ( Y \ . Y v‘s| ^ d w 5 E , E not difficult to do well in the first time, but it’s difficult to do well in every time.


A flood of b) I % V 2 0 ! tlue blood washes the sad bowels and wants to co@ q 3 a { X – Cmplain about the silent starsy r K and the moon.

30、生命之灯因热情而点燃,生命之S @ d ! Z P w M舟因拼搏而前行。

The lamp of life is ignited by passion, and the boat of life moves forward by struggle.

31、每天都回想m W F X q K * b和你的点点滴滴,却发现我们根本没有交集。

Every day I think back to you,( V C R but I find that we don’t intersect at all.

32、只要紧紧地地跟着时间的步V , : W } h伐,幸运之神就会永远跟着你。

As long as you keep up with the pace of time, the God of luck will always follow you.


Some people say that time willB 2 : ` w / ~ h g make me forget the pain. The original time just let me ge, \ ! q M J Pt used to the pain.

34、| 4 E善意的谎言:就是给自己的欺骗找一个很好的借口。

White lie: Find a good exT G M zcuse for your deception.


If cok / { y ; % – a tnfidence, perseverance and courage are all in place, nothing can be done.

36、男人、对2 b l I E K p自己好点。才有力气对自己1 ^ 8 ( / 3 c a的女人和家人好。

Man, be kind to yourself. Only then has the strength to– Z 2 h O v be good to own woman and the family.


From strangeness to familiar3 [ U 5ity, andu . a g Q : 8 2 then fromX 2 ; ( familiarity to strangeness, not only to return to the origin.

38、梦里繁花落尽,此情未央,此意难忘f ] Z } j L R,弦虽断,曲犹扬。

Dream flowers fall, this situatZ – H ^ion is not central, this meaning is unforgettablr @ : Y % \e, although the string is broken, music is still Yan8 J = ! O Ug.


If you see the shadow in front of you, don’t be afraid. It’s because there is sunshine behind you.


One da{ S | 7 f [ f yy in vain, doing nothing is like committing theft.

41、L P I其实爱美的人,只是与自X ) 5 3己谈恋爱罢了。

In fact, people who love beauty are just in love with themselves.

42D v g * N ; Y、有一种美丽叫曾经拥有,有一种美丽在爱过以后。

There is a kind of beauty called onK h L M i X $ Ece owned, there is a kind of beauty af: L { m 3 = 8 Wter love.

43、女人吻男人是一种幸福1 F l + x,男人吻女人是一种口福。

Women ki; R Bss men is a kind ol % ? ~ a 5f happiness, men kiss wo! | + 5 A h F 9 ]men is a kind of mouth blessings.


If I beg[ b u ^ S %in to knob o \ – ] .w how this love ended, I would not care if I died.


We should learn to be grateful. It is e6 x [ e i U f Cnough that he haF I B t Y z X (s been here anT m n n ] zd I haveG . K loved him.


He has become an appendagen G b 0 u m of money, and everything is at his disposal.

47、U D L {只有天空没人抢得走,只要我能拾起天,它都一直陪着我!

Only the sky nobody can take away, as long as I can pick up the s7 % ~ P I 8ky, it has been accompanying me!

48、口是心非在临床上的表现,不是结E x I A 8结巴巴,而是口口声声。

The mouth is not a clG 7 J Minical manifestati7 b _ a e C xon of the heart, not a] J X G stuti O o f k j # 4tering, but a voice.