Intelligence depends on hard work, and knowledge depends on daily accumulation.


Cherishing time can make life more valuable.


Learning requires three minds, one confidence, two determination and thrq c Eee perseverance.


He who learns to learn is a very happy mah G ~n.

5、年华一去不复返,事7 C E ] : ) ` t业放弃在难– & $ 7 E 0 Z j |成。

Time never returns, career giving up is hard to achieve.


Worry can rejuvenate the country, leisure can die.


NX k / – R z S S Dot arrogant to arrogant, not spoiled and prestigious.


The word “learning” need& * 7 1 Q % es to be broken down. Learning is learning, asking is asking.


Seize today and trust tomor) 0 % $ T t 8 *row as liB Z Vttle as possible.


As long as you are willing to learn, you must be able to learn.


Young people don’t know how to study early, but Bai Shoufang regrets studying late.

12、人不劳动没出息,人不学习没5 D f & 6长进。

People who do not work have no future, peoplei A H d A . who do not study have nD e s 3 a ; |o progres. Q V 5 Is.


Knives don’t grind fast on stones. Man can’t. He goes toF @ w & U ? . R sct W f k } j 1hool all over the world.

14、靠父亲的, F Z v J V N )学识,成不了学者。

Father’s knowledge makes no scholar.

15、坚志5 \ [ 2 ! O F g而勇为,谓之刚。刚,生人之德也。

Strongp L 3 will and brave action is call9 h K % d p $ a Red rigidity.@ _ } 2 ) z Gang, the virtue of strangers.


There is never a short cut to learning, and it’s going to peak step by step.


Birds want to fly high E & M Y Rh, but people want tO s K f Q ; 3 R mo go ahead and read first.


Study hard and work hard to make youth more glorious.


Inspiration is never visiting lazy people.


He who dares not forget to worry about his country is bound to wait for his coffin to be coK V / 1 ) D k I vvered.


No matter whenA Q {, it’s neve\ D n x Q br too late to study.


Learning requires experience, and industr@ p J d r q ? `y requires expb H N Y Pertise.


Diligence is a good training, one minute of hard we o j !ork, one minute ox z q u Lf talent.


Tim] N 3 U y H X Ne witZ X = p U G ,hers littl# C F M L U L 8e by little like a candle burning out.


Those who forget todaR r w @ 0y will be forgotten tomorro( 4 – & y D % :w.

26、黑发不= ? , / U ; Y知勤学早,白首方悔读书迟。

Blackn x ( . G hair does not knoj S 9w hoZ U vw to sx r 1 i ` 0 X –tudy early, white head regrets to study late.

27、我们愈U L 3 | M 8 t T是学习+ z ( R,愈觉得自己的贫乏。

The more we study, the more we feel poor.

28、学而不思\ } S B {则罔,思而不学j O f z s R则殆。

Learning wit+ u Rhout thinking isi 7 % | m + 8 W useless, thinking without learning is perilous.


LiteE g i R O q ~rary knowledge is the gao | B _ Kteway to learning.m ! h

30、书籍,是g 8 9 D横渡时间大海的航船。

Books are s1 x $ p R ! d Dhips crossing the seT W | O Ia of time.

31、发奋f s x `V _ N Q 0 b遍天下字,立志读尽人间书。

Work hard to read all the characters in the world a8 n l r mnd make up your mind to read all the books on earth.

32、活9 w ; ( } C _ B到老,学到老,一生一世学不了。

It3 3 4‘s never too ol8 ` ( { V C j q ~d to learn. It’s never too old to learn.


Diligence is the soil of wisdom. Diligence is the key to wisdom.


If you need time, you have to m{ 4 ` E a fake it yourself.

35、零碎的时间实在可以成就E _ u [ M a 5大事业。

Fragmentary tiw h b % {me can really make a big difference.

36、学成o j A g m b T 7 l巧,总是J t 3 U V巧;装成巧,惹人笑。

Learning to be smart is always smart; pretending to be smart makes people laugh.


Sweat brings& y 8 n L a good harv. ] t V } j Xest and hard work leads to knowledge.


Industry is good at diligence, playfulness, thinking and destruction.


Only in cold winter does one know that the pine and the cypr% n ? e J ;ess are the last to shed tB O 5 & ; 1hei! 2 Tr leaves.

40、时间O g u,是一味能治百病的良药。

Time is a good medicine forp 3 ? X ` } Q t P all diseases.


Things under the sun( P P f p , 5 – are often made by# ) 6 N $ q # difficulties, but defeated by luxury.


To live is to learn, not to live.


Learn, learn,Q G x s J learn again! Learn, then know not e_ g 0 4 gnough.


The more you stu4 E L ) Q j @ d Hdy, the more{ \ v you discover your ignorance.


People who study hard can always realize their wishes.


An inch oz . O h Q u Rf time and an inch of goW : : kld make it difficult to buy an inch of time.


Genius is nothing but endurance. Work hard.

48、早起多长一智,晚睡多@ y i P M k增一闻。

How early to get up is wisdom, and how late to go to bed is news.

49、除了时间v 8 v o o,什么也不属于我。

Nothing but time belongs to me.


Industry is goodl ~ ! V B at idleness and playfulness, and action is good at thinking and destroying.


Learn from all the winners and lose5 5 t O 9rs.

52、真者,精诚之至也,不D 3 M精不诚,不能动人。

True, sincere1 7 Z H 0 $ 7, not sincere, not moving.


If one wants to learn something, one should first learn tov u v + | \ be modest.


If water does not flow, it will stink; if people d+ & \ ( o – \ aoT / ] | \ a O Z x not lea~ & 3 6rn, they will lag behind.


NighS F ) =t brings peace to the old and hope to the young.