A person who has lived with a mask for too long will gradually forgV 5 y 1 ( a . Q {et what he is like.

2、有些话,% 0 s你想说自然会说,不想说,听到的也只是假话。

Some words, you want to say naturally will say, do not want to say, hear only lies.

3、J K |来生我再来典当、来世我再来与你歃血为盟。

In the next life IL ; 0 D F P \ will pawn again, and in the next life I will fall in love with you.


The heart is a warm and humid place, suitable for anything to grow.


At the other end of the rainbow is the love we expect, the love that lasts forever.

6、我就像F ) C $ \ _ { 3满天星,从头到尾都是配角,背景。| l l t ! \ H K o

I’m like the stars, supporting rolesA e y o K from beginning to end, background.


Smoke is as irreplaceable as emotion. If it is chI U 9 f Oanged$ . $ x J, it wij b mll loso ` – n he its flavor.

8、如V p ^ ) r u s {果这一生我们爱不够,来世必能长久。

If we don’t love enough in this life, the next life will last forever.

9、赚别人的钱o i w { E T 5 o,越多越好,贫穷才是命运的最大的敌人。

Making other people’s money, the more the better, poverty is the greatest enemy of fate.


Those who used to say that they would never be separated have long bee} C in scattered in the horizon.

11、旅行要学会随遇而安,淡然一点,2 G 8 B . @ B走走停停。

Travel should learn to be at ease, calm down, stop and go.

12、我在k z F , 5 2 & s &时光里享受温暖,我在流年里忘记花开。

I enjoy6 J A ~ @ the warmth in the time, I forget to blossom in the fleeting years.


Two hearts are destined to become singular, either too crowded or too lon| . 7ely.


Never mention it becaj 8 $use of forgetting, but because of remembering.

15、任何事情,终有答案,匆忙寻找,错失的是f – b O \ { ; G %岁月的静) x S e l n ` B P好。

Anythig ^ X J ] !ng, there is an answer, in a hurry to find, the missing is the quiet good of the years.

16、魔方是从开始回到开始、从最U 4 . X初重回最初的游戏。

Rubik’s Cube is from the beginning back to the beginning, from the beginning back to the original game.

17、成功的人是跟别人学习经验,失败的人只跟自己学Y u s 7 N A # %习经验。

Successful people learn from others, while unsuccessfu$ x / }l people lear8 I m = d . S 0 ;n from themselves.


Missing is like a closed door. There is happx ] 0 Q a + v riness dust in the air.

19、不关顾别人的存在,其实恰5 O z 8 t 6 N恰是对别人存在状态的尊重。

Regardless of the existe? k T 5nce o0 ^ } / e Tf others, in fact, iN S 2 e { D + xt is precisely the respect for the existence of others.


I said all the panic, you all believe it. Simple I lov@ u Re you,% ) k j n C & T z but you always don’t believe it.

21、万般故事,不过情伤;易水人去,明月如霜V B C

All kinds of stories, but sentiment;B l 1 [ easy to go, the moon as frost.

22、光天化日S o O 3 p 5之下的巨大身躯,必然会带出同样巨大的阴影。

The& F & H ~ , 7 huge body in broad daylight will inevitably bring out the same huge shadow.


Under the night sky, the bright moon is long, listen to a curtain of moonlight like water, an] n ~ u u $ 1 E 1d spe6 @ :ak of warmth liko , 0 B ne yesterday.

24、无1 s I 9 r过是一种0 e ] d V假想,思过是一种成熟,改过是一种美德。

All is a kind of imagination, thinking is a kind of maturity, changing is a kind of virtue.


In the old days* – H h B 8 : i together, becaH M ; E F f Buse of the existence of friends ax J d l J ;nd full of colorful light.

26、眼泪无谓而徒劳的液体,流R e } P泪的人是愚蠢而可悲的。` $ L N =

Tears are meaningless and futile liquids. Tears are foC / (olish and pathetic.


When a man m& 1 Q bakes moneR a jy, he wants to dio / | G G (vorce his wife. When a man can’t make money, his wife wants to divorce him.

28、人这9 [ L [ . g )一辈子真的不长,每个人都应该为自己而活。

People’s life is really not long, everyone should live for theB U K =mselves.


Youth is but a young drunk, awake and d5 t W c $ f qreaming, laughing and weeping.


The b! ? u –rave, the foot is the road; the wise, know which road is the best.


Better forgive yourself than let others forgive you.

32、不想面对他离开,逃避不是一\ ? 6个好方法,但却是唯一的办法。

Don’t want to face him to leave, escape is not a good way, but the onl& d \ u f v | Dy way.


The only way to be happy is to cherish what you have and forget what you don’t have.


My love is running for you, like red blooh U ,d filling the body.


Love is like peeling onions. There’s always a layer that makes you cry.

36、那些年错过的爱情,好想拥抱你拥抱错过的# q 4 = V L 2勇气。

Those years missed love, want to embrace you missed courage.

37、信任度是一点一点累] F H : , L ? 9 C积的,但却是可以一下就消失的。

Trust accumulates little by little, but it can disappear at once.


Although we arz P de becoming more and more realistic, p[ { ~ Hlease don’t forget our originaM J [ P # Tl dA O P ; Q + sream.


There are many beautiful things in the world, only you are my favorite.


Those who set up great events in ancient times must have perseverance as well as transcendental talents.


Destiny is like the palmprint of the hand, no matter how tortuous it is, it is in your hands.


Ifz L % you want something, don’t: Z w o v wait for someone to give it. Life is too short to wait.


When you see through everything, you know that the original loss is more down-to-earth than possession.

44、月夜凉,\ k | r x d V s U灯影摇晃,那夜7 x : G L [ w s }烛火和我一同相思y 4 2 p 7 ^ ? S成狂。

The moonlit night is cool, the shadows of the lights are shaking, and the candles and fires fall mad with me at that nighx ( 1t.


There’s nothing wrong with living for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish.

46R R M n R W 2、思念像硫酸狠狠滴进心口,一点点向外腐蚀。

Missing is like sulphuric acid dripping im $ I V \ – Bnto the heart and corroding outward bit by bit.

47、若不给自己设限,则人生中[ . @ m e h 5就没有限制你发挥的藩篱。

If you don’t set limit9 n 5 us on yourself, there are no barriers in life thath e # J limit you2 ] dr ability to play.


The strugglif c { ` Xng feet break their hotb~ H r Y L $ . d aeds, but t, w v p H 0 I Khey open up a roa+ @ E td of creation.

49、现在很想对天空大喊一声,我想& S % # U = u y Q你了,很想,很想。

Now I want to shout to th^ * o K Ge sky, I miss you, I misi – b }s you, I miss you very much, I miss you very mucW z a n ] S { Bh.

50、苍白的思念,一味的坚持,只是伤{ 8 % [痕累累的结局。

Pale thoughts and, E U o s i p perseverance are just scarred endings.


My love opens for you, like white lightning breaking the sky.


There is s# % 1 2 Z Jometimes a sk A F U T Y 1 ( ohort distance between success and failure, as long as the latter takes a few more steps forward.