Love is an innocent kite, pulling the people who care most.


Don’t wait for the wrong person, don’t hurt the wrong heart!


If memory d1 , V B Roes not speak, flowering y: A o , s w N Sears will blossom.

4、有些东西,k i l Q ^ y M @现在翻出来看一样会哭。

There are some things that can cI $ 2 1 C Vry when they are tY \ s z Durned over.


To forget you is to prove that I can forget you.

6、笑是给别人看的,泪是给自己– D 3 u q B咽的。

Laughter is for others to see, tears are for oneself to swallowG b ~ g 8.


Give me a reason to fB / } eorget, so deeply loved you.


Individual gaf ! * & V ~ H ?p separates us from ea~ ? {ch other.


Don’t say I’m cold, you don’t treasure me when I’m warm.


SpeaE * + L a V Uking too much is better than silence, thinking too much will make me sad^ q d N p Q ^.


The world laughs at me too hypocritical, I laugh at the world too realistic.


When there is nothing to do, everything seems pale.R ) m z

13、我爱你,没S A v Z o , @有什% , x h 0 A么目的。只是爱你。

I los b Xve you for no purpose. Just love you.


Because I was young at that tih # ` Pme, I always thought too much about the future.

15、P Z t 7 x 8 ,P K $ { ? t [ 1 1时光都在嘲笑我不该对你太认真。

Even time laughs at m+ ` Te for not taking you too seriously.

16、幸福p b ) f不是得你所想,而是想你所得!

Happiness is not what you want, but what you get!

17、不得不承认,时间真l D ) 5 k的会带走一切。

I have to admit that time really takL 0 M 3 d 8 B {es everything{ 5 } $ \ { away.

17 c P X W8、我能做到的最好,不是你要. V i r | Z –的刚好。

Th| w Xe best I can do is not just what you want.

19、我们不A b b # s @ } %在一\ ] J P # ~ 3个地方,请照顾好自己。

We are not in one place, please take care of yourself.

2D : Y0、后来,我爱的人都与你有几分相像。

Later, the people I love are somewhat like you.

21、别等9 9 o q ) 3 D T我变了后,才说怀念以] S \ # B * 3前的我。

Don’t wait forC 3 ` r , me toK d 1 change before you say you miss me.

22、放下该放下的你、退出没结q 0 B局的剧。

Put down what you shou, Q l & 4ld put down and quit the endless play.


NG S ; # ko matter how beautiful it is, it still dies in sor! n y W @ ` ` %row.


The final return is a man’s conspiracy, a woman’s lif} 1 ` H x ~ x }e.


When you love me, even once is enough.


You may no\ I A a *t love me, but just meet me.


Perhaps the price of going too far is loneliness.


Missing is a song, I whisper in my heart.

29、不Z ~ X # q I ~ H知不觉,是这世上最可怕的力量。

Unconsciously, it is the most terrible force in the world.


Suddenly, I found that my laughter became good or fau \ ` 2 K J R N xlse.


It turned out that his story had never had anything to do with me.

32、你绝情,t 6 ] – a Q % 9我断义,从此直线永平行。

You are absolute, I assert, since then the straight line will aU i 6lways be parallel.


The original loveK 3 V x ` M \ will expire, leaving only memories.

34、我) ^ q 6 5需要一个拥抱,今天我心情不好。8 r I _ 0 2

I need a hug. I’m in a bad mood today.


What cannot be retained is the hearts and mint D i _ ; j P Ids of the people, but betrayal.

36、说了流泪9 z :无用,却还是禁不住落泪。

It’s no use crying, but I can’t help it.

37& _ v N / [0 Q Z ,风雨本是无心起,奈何花叶倾心落。

Wind and raind k e F 5 originally did not intend to rise, but the flowers and leaves fell in love.


Forgotten, remembered, that’s someoh | t | { _ne else’s business.


It’s nice of you to go, or you’re always afraid you’ll go.


I’E : wve blown through the wind you’ve blown. It’s not a hug.

41、当年你信口一誓@ l h O P ^ e,如今我空等一世。

When you swore, now I’m waiting all my life.


It’s better notP @ a B k N w ` B to see it. Let it go witq q e s = Mh the wind when it’s gone.

43、从来不需要想起m , ,,永远也不会忘记。

Never need to think, never forget.

44、主动的人是不是卑o f 2 H微到不能被珍惜。

Is the initiative too humble to be cherished?


Tap 8 7ke someone else’s hand and stop being my hero.