Failure results from neglecting details. Success begins with attaching importance to4 \ $ & X z _ ^ 0 small things.

2、有梦V _ H y / Y b 2就去追,没有梦想的人,灵魂是空虚的。

If you have a dream,y H c go after it. If you have no dream, your sour c \ [ 7 1 E ]l is empty.

3、你脑子里东西的多寡,就关系着你将来的前1 s ` = \ F . 3 F途。

The amount of stuff in your mind is related to you\ + ? 6 O x Rr future prospects.


Face is given by others, but face is earne4 b Z G ` Id by oneself.


Difficulties are like springG b 1 D : + | ~s. If you are weak, they will be strong. If you are strong, they will be weak.

6、灵魂在求O D J , R y ) `知中净化,信念在事业中升腾。{ V { 7 L / ~ ^

The? J x C soul is purified in the pursuit of knowledge, and faith rises in the cause.

7、踏实一些,不要着急A ` z f,你想要的,岁月^ [ S x 6 V都会给你。

Be down-to-earth. Don’t worry. Years will give you what you wd t I $ant.

8、如果敌人让你生气,那说明你还没有胜他– D $ \ L e的把握。

If the enemy makes you angry, it means that you are not sure you can beat him.


Afte~ G T { H h 7 ~ ar the grinding of the waves, the pebbles become more beautiful and smooth.


Courage is the control of fear, not the absence of fear.

14 , | T O n \ \1、生活的理想,就是为了理想的生活。

The ideal of life is to live an ideal life.

12、别裁伪体亲风雅,转益G R r多师是汝师。

The genre of the pseudo-genre is elegant, and it is your teacher who turns to be a good teacher.


Success is to simplify complex problems and do them hard.


The most difficult time is not far from success.

15、我从不怀疑自己的能力,只怀疑自己有没有努力。[ b s h

I never doubted my ability, only my efforts.

16、d z W f励志是给人快乐,激励是给人痛苦。

Motivation is to give people happiness, and motivation is to give people pain.

17、永无畏惧@ | 3 { X L E +就是拼的资本一无所有就是拼的理由。

Never fear is the capital to fight for nothing is the reason to fight for.


Experience; Only then will uu z o Q v % E ~nderstana : Q ` $ S ~ K #d; Has pays only then repays.


When there is no pursuit in the eye4 Y 3s, it must be a time when the heart is dead.

20、改变自己,是自救,影响别人,~ ( K % c是救人。

To change oneself is to save oneself, to influenc\ 0 r L – _e others and to save others.


Anyone who does not look forward will face many difficulties.


Everything is good in a good mood; everything is beautiful inG / , k [ z g a good mood.


Forget about failure, but remember thI 7 D | c o * pe lessons of failure.


Sour, swee} } { X A pt, bitter and hot are nutrition, success and f– \ 5 n *ailure are experience.


Mutual understanding is a friend, and mutual understanding is a confidai : ! ` = )nt.


Happiness is not because you get more, but because you care less.


Ta – z C Ihings under the sun are often made by difficulties, but defeated by luxury.


Fate always comes to those who are prepared.

24 w q \ S m9、先把鱼网打开,鱼儿才能找到渔网的入口。

Open the net first, and the fish can find the entrance to the net.


A good life should be filled with expectd d m 0 – %ations, surprises and gratO T h I P 7itude.


When the sky isx g ) 2 3 ; 2 E dark enough, the stars will shine.


Pessi\ s H h A 6 Fmistick / b – ? people die, optim0 & Zistic people never g! m + X v @row old.


The past will never come back,J e K W v q T and the future wW 5 p n x \ill need to work hard.


A man of strong will, his world is full of infis 3 D P X Fnite possibilitiA x Z k E e S kes.


Life always gives you another chance, which is called tomorrow.

36、下定决Y F K T H C w T心一定要~ [ ( S 5 s : C C,才是成功的关键。

DeV g H z Ecision is t( U h g p 0 The key to success.


The destiny is in the hands of oneself, the3 Y ; s S f ; o good or bad of destiny is to be created by oneself.


Refusin0 V m r m # /g severe smelting, ore is no more valuable than it was before it was excavated.

39、漫无目的的/ y T ; g a生活就像出海航行而没有指南针。

Living aimlessly is like sailing without a compass.

40、笛里谁知` W x壮士心,沙头空照征人骨。

Who knows the hero’s heart in the flute, and the sand is empty to sign the human bones.


I feel that I can and can’t do it, in fact, only in one th6 / 1 jought.