Youth is the pride of life and the hope of the future of the times.

2、逆境磨练人逆境是老师逆境之苦可变甜。a z J 7

Adversity tems l Y ` *pers people. Adversity is the bitterness of a teacher’s adversity that can be sweetened.

3、聆听不代表$ t 3 f X沉默,有时安静也是一种力量。

Listening does not mean silence. Sometimes silence is also a force.


Self-discipline can help you do what you don’t want to do but have tZ 7 t 6 m 6 ( _ no do.


LoO 0 G A b * F sw-key is an eternal virtue. If you lack heart and eyes, you must learn to be silent.

6、目标的实现建立在_ } /我要成功的强烈愿望上。

The realization of the goal is based on my strong desire to succeed.

7、无X G 3人理睬时,坚定执着。万人羡慕时,心如止水。

When nobody pays attention, be firm and persistent. When people admire, their hearts stop flowing.


Losers allow themselves to fail, and win[ } S 5 Oners create so & g ] .uccess.


I will use~ R k ^ mO / ny actions to prove my results in three years.


UglyD t g women are l0 d I x 8ike stars and beautiful women are like cloQ : Guds. Looki7 F L m { * 6 = Zng up at the stars, cloudless miles.


The environment will not change. The solution is to chg a z 7 b 9 pange yourself.


How can you stand up magnificently without bG | C 9 F w – &eing hit hard?


A failure only proves that our determination to succeed is strong eno$ N c d } +ugh.

14、与其相信依靠别人,4 ( [ D 8 I E a不如相信依靠自己。| _ R

It’s bettek D c +r to believe in yourself than in depending on othersD & + j / I ;.

15、只有千锤百b a o炼,才能成为好钢。

Only through hard work can we become good steel.


DonD I H b‘t care too much about people and things. If you cares z 5 D T z G / 6 too much, you will regreZ a 9 2 Gt!

17、每个C s –人至少拥有一个梦想,有一个理由去坚强。

Everyone has at leasq Z G 2 n r Xt one d[ n 9 /ream and one reason to be strong.


Dream[ 3 : Q b = )s laughed at are of valuo = _ m K + ke to be realized.


No matter how many times you fail, you have to face life and be hopeful.

20、我们唯一的悲哀是生活于愿望之中而没: b ^ – K A有希望。

Our onlb s J 0 k : =y sorrow is to live in hope without hope.


Horses run out, and sN Z 7 R S }trong soldiers fight out.


Any limita: 9 q Y g \tion starts from the inside of oneself.


Su; = gccess nT 5 [eeds no explau o * –nation, but failure has many excuses.


Trees want to be quiet: Q e 5 k e Z Z and windy, sons want to be nourished but relatives ar( ~ de absent.

25、亦余心之所善兮,虽九死其犹未悔。1 p n – % ` &

He wh. g o ? h U U #o has spared no effor2 ( D 1 q bt to do good has never regreq b 4 } j = :tted his nine deaths.


The heart is: e + 0 7 1 r P y pure as water, which means Buddha, wiF y P } r x * . +thout concern for Buddha.

27、我们S , k看错了这个世界,却说世界欺骗了我们。g e e = c , B 0

We see the world wrong, but say that theO E m l c S wor, F l u jld deceives us.

28、自弃者扶不起,自强者击不9 . U M T倒。

Self-ab5 p f t $andoned people can’t stand up, self-improvemef D l | Bnt people can’t fall down.

29、用理想作纸,用勤奋作笔,抒写壮丽的青$ 1 / ; = | F 7 t春。

With ideal as paper, with diligence as pen, to express the magnificent youth.

30、没有糟u T g & p J v h糕的事情,只有糟糕的心情。

There are no bad things, only bad moods.

31、人生没有彩排,每I 1 / 8天都是现\ Q b /场直播。

There is no rehearsal in lifd G 6 Ze. EveryJ ? l day is live.


Failure does not kill, but disappoiB ] [ ? N – 8ntment does.

33、只要有信心,人i T S q o s T N永远不会挫败。

As long as yo, c f b v 5 – Cu have confidence, you will never be frustrated.


The sweat of the tiller isW C ~ 3 i I the milk that feeds the seeds.


No wise man can deny the exercise value of pain and sorrow.

36、不是你比别人差,( } /只是付出不够多。

It’s notH u s \ A that you are` R 0 worse than others, it’s just that you don’t pay enough.


Hu g q Z 8ow much you have to do, how much pressure you have to bea b h + ; 5 * yar.

38、不是成功离我们太远,而是我们坚持的太少。E I \

It’s not that success is too far awaP f Fy from us, but that we insist too little.

39、用爱E 7 ` | G x心来做事,用感恩q z l * 5的心做人。

Do things with love and live with gratitu/ ; R m C )de.


Spell a spring, summer, autumn and winter for a lifetime without regret.


Where there is* 0 K Q , \ { 4 o will, there will be a way out.


Weak people comfort themselves with tears, strong people hone themselves with sweat.

43、爱你的人总是用你最讨厌的方式关心p f B p K Y + L 9你。

People who love you always care about you in the way you hate most.


A bold attempt is only half the battle.


Successful people are those who persist in pursuing and get the greatest happiness from it.