As long as you are willing to fight, nothing is absolutely impossible.


Serving people is actually paying the rent of living on tho ~ x O } 4 | !e earth.


Before leaving, it is always a dream; after going on the road, it is always a challeW S H n H 0 d .nge.


If you have a little more ambition than others, you wilT q O `l havK * l t X U Te a better future.


Poverty does not necessarily mean change,I q R z ) but should mean change.


Horses are apt to lose their feet when they are soft, while people are aptk M G + 4 | \ to lose their will when they are greedy and comfortable.


The most terrible enemy is tt e . T * @ , whe lack of strong faith.

8、人生如天气,可预料,但往往出乎意料; d 4 [ K S [

Life is like weather, predictable, but often unexpected.


Only those who respe~ – ] I w Wct themselvE x E } kes have the courage to shrink themselves.


Cherishing time can make life more valut 4 . * S m 6able.


The rich earn money by capital, while the poor get rich by knowledge.


Watch the winner carefully, don’t always focus on the loser.

13、没有人能令你失望I : o E B,除了你k r I \ ^ $ _自己。

No one can disappoid + Hnt you except yourself.

14、& c E : J一滴蜂蜜比一加仑胆汁能够捕到更多的苍蝇。

A drop of honey can catch more flies than a gallon of bile.


Happiness lies in one’s real work.

16、有人能让\ 1 n你痛苦,c Q ;说明你的修行还不够。

Someone can make you suffer, which shows that your practice is not enough.

17、见己不是,万善之门s [ H X T 8 ( B。见人不是,诸恶之根。

To see oneself is| @ X t $ X _ _ M not the door of all goodness. Seeing people is not the root of all evil.


WhF E K w m t Ien someone says you are a fool, it proves that you are not fT \ M t ~ lar from success.


Limited life, please waste on better things.


Life has only c4 ] E h D 6 k b Uome out of the beautiful, not waiting for the brilliant.


Geniud w , 1 i !s is the capacity for endless hard work.


Change, from now on; Success, from today on.


Life seldom beats back, when not to fight.


You wu + L i K % @ill dream when you nap at this moR 1 M Jment, and you will realize your dre{ f tam when you study at this moment!


Cowards hold difficulties above their heads and heroes tread them un` a 1der thQ H Meir feet.

26、理想的路总是为有信心的人} 4 B r j W , h {预备着。

The ideal road is always ready for the confident.


Persistence can conquer any peak in the world.


A man can grU Y 5ow old, but he can’t say nothing.


The life in your mouth is you+ L * W 1 K . Tr life in the future.

30、一旦t t p立下目标,不达目标绝不罢手,方可成功。

Oh r S M ? hnce you set yO * C B , P X 8our goals, you can succeed only if you do7 6 [n’t stop until you reach them.

31、只U @ a有经历人生的种种磨难,才能悟出人生的价值。

Only by experi! I L / 7 2encing all kinds of hardships in life can we realize the value of life.

3+ # 4 7 _ D2@ F W ( R S k 4 .、想要逃避总有借口,想要成功总有方法!

There is always an excuse to escaH 8 =pe, and there is always a way to succeed!

3( a : a 7 }3、有期盼的生活。饮食当下的滋味。

A life of expectation. The current taste of diet.


Greed is the most real poverty, and contentmeny 0 g _ q D , xt is the most rC o @ d a # c D $eal wealth.

35、不保护就是一种保护,过度保护反而是– v y o c 1一种伤害。

No protection is a# Z s , o ~ e D kind of protection, but over protection is a k5 N # ^ ! X n i 2ind of harm.


People are always pursuing happiness and avoiding pain.

37、任何业绩的质变,都来自于量变的a z 3 | (积累。

Any qualitative change in performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative change.


The mountains and roads are far away from fear, and the most fearful is the desire for ease.


When you have ambition, you know Penglai is near, but when you don’t do something, you always feel close.

40、l R E 7 q v D %不要沉沦,在任何环境中你都可以选择奋起。

Don’t siN L M tnk, you can chooseU v v j , P | T to rise in any environ5 1 w –ment.

41、推销产品要针对顾客的心,不要针对顾客的H U R D q w B头。

Sales products should be aimed at the customer’s heart, no~ t 3t at the customer’s head.


It seems that therg = Y k D h r ie is no desirable begL v m R Y a p winning, and it always ends up being hit hard.

43、只有登上山顶,才能看o K – @ ) ; W * 7到远处的风光。

Only by climbing t? _ Uo the top of the mountain can we see the sceneryj 1 S $ 8 in the distance.


Be kind to others when y= d = I nou[ 1 7 x + 1 are complacent, because you nee j 1 sed them when0 s | B G j \ you are dT f ! I Cisappointed.


The clearest footprints remai1 = Tn on the muddiest road.L S l S f

46、谎言像一朵盛开的鲜花,外表美丽,生命短N u { * ! % d暂。

Lies are like a blooming flower, beautiful in appearance and shortC ! I in life.

47、自然界J ? ] s没有风风雨雨,大地就不会春华秋实。

Without wind, rain and rain in nature, the earth will not be full of\ ; O – G T T R y sprinc H | L a \g and ae 6 # _ . ) 3 `utumn fruits.