Action is the ladder of success. The more actions you take, the higher you climb.


What is genius? I think genius is the result of diligence.


Positive and upward attitude is the most basic element of a successf* a ! @ul person.


It’s\ = r better to cherish what you own than to envy what others get.


Ordinary steps can also complete a great journey.

6、过去属于P 1 $死神,未来属于你自己。

The past belongs to death and the future belongs to you.


A boatman who is eager to save energy will aA 5 i . P v vlways aim downstream.


Think twice about everything, but more importantly tha0 f I { Q W ln think twice, think twice before you act.x ? \ /

9] G I C c ? } g G、生命的意义在于和别人的不同之处。

T) 0 + Lhe meaning of life lies iu 3 Kn its differences from others.


People can have ideals, but they can’t over-fantasize.


People who are stronger than me are workingR j Z 9 C o m ; y hardd 5 s ; %. There’s no reason wh/ R z u B H C ty Ia E [ don’t worR L z m 7 j 9 E Jk hard.


Don’t let others intem S 6 T b irfere with your rhythm of life.


Greeting/ E R i g _ Cs need notv R F P be prudent, but must be sincere and moving.

14、年轻# B [ #很值钱,但不努力就不值钱。

Youth is valuau C )ble, but it’s not wort& ! o 8 ? k 7 P sh it if you do( _ j 7 3 9n’t work hard.


Those who make goody O & H Q i use of time will always find plenty of time.

16、一个成功的人是以幽默感对付挫折的J d m 3 ~ v # ] K

A successful person copes with setbacks with a sense of humour.

17、成功不是凭梦想和希望,而是. ~ @ u V c – x凭努力和实践。

Success depends not on dreams and hopes, but onT ! * H ; hard work and practice.


A little more persistence than others, you will create miracles.

19、求人不如E { ^ 3求己这句话永远i . ,是不会错的。

It’s never wrong to ask for help rather than yourself.


The dream of a wise man is no more beautiful than the footprints of a fool.


Ambition is the door of career, and work is the journey to the door and the room.


Home! Sweet home! The best thing in the world is home.


The secret of success is to keep its purpose unchanged.


Just be the first one, not the second one.

25、用尽一切去} P $奔赴一场未知的梦。

Do everything you can to go to an unknown dream.

26、只有知道如何L / { O 3 t停止的人才知道如何加快速度。

Only those who know how to stop know| O 3 b how to speed up.

27( J A : A、人生没有理想,生命便只是/ y U b }一堆空架子。

Life without ideal is just a bunchw 8 – 1 8 s 0 : 6 of emptyI A 6 V shelves.


Intelligx ! Eence comes from diligence, and genius comes from# ~ G P accumulationb B :.


Think with your brain, think with yoY ! p e 0ur heart, and prove with your actions.


Wei Bian repeatp o i S * 0 Xedly ref; , w o Cused to wear iron inkstones and recited handbills for years.


Success o0 : nr failu[ \ V D 3 m f # Hre depends on oneself6 S x e I h 9 7 %.

32、学会忘记痛苦,} { ; s为阳光记忆腾出空h . M间。

Learn to forget pain and make room for sunshine memory.

33、不经一翻彻骨寒,怎Y 2 F J ( R + : :得梅花扑鼻香。

How can plum blossom smell without a thorough cold turn?


Every man knows his own sweet, bitter and bitter when he is young.


Those who dare to de\ _ ^ Y Vclare war on da[ $ u :rkness must be filled with light.

36、永不放弃是你梦想实现& U @的唯一秘诀。

N( T Q k –ever give up is the o/ f znly secret to your dream.

37、立志欲坚不欲锐,成w S F ? y J S功在久不在速。

Desire for pK 6 P ; \ S z herseverance is not keen. Success is not quick in a long time.

38、成功就是简单的事情不断. U I地重T 2 q k x d L p l复做。

Success is doing simple things over and over again.


When you$ \ m E can dream, don’t give up.

40、学习这件事,不是缺乏时间,而是缺乏努力。A U ; j s u s p

Learni] a | *ng this matter is not a lack of time, but a lack of effort.


Those who constantly striq 7 x M D Lve for self-improvement will succeedH 7 | i^ J v }n the end.

42、人生不得行胸怀,虽寿百岁犹为无也。@ q I o E U * @

Life can notC I ! y @ E be carried out with a mind, even though life is a hundred years old.


There are no unsuccessful people in the wor: K Hld, only those who do not work hard.

44、人不求R g x O \ O W福,斯无祸。人不求利,斯无害。

No man seeks happiness, no harm. No man seeks pr_ n R ( 6 fofit, no harm.


There are few beats in life, when not.


Success is caused by effort, not by hope.


If you work hard: s p, you’ll never lose it. If yo@ [ Nu work hard, you’ll be able to swallow Wu for 3000 Yuejia.


The running water releases its vitO v C Iali/ g ] , (ty whe` 8 8nA Q f ) ; it touches the bottom.


Do what you fear, and fear will disappear.