I would rather work hard for a while than for a lifetime.


DoJ n wn’t fantasize when the sun is setting, but work hard when the sun is rising.k v \ a * n v L


There is no rehe7 M q i o c ` u Zars2 v ] u + ]al in life. Every detail is broadcast live.

4、我们若已接受最坏的,就1 ( R J K再没有什么损失。

If we have accepted the worst, we will have ne % ! i * V [othing to lose.


April showers bring May flowers.


The waterfall is extraordinarily magnifik 1 P 3 G j @ [cent when it crosses steep walls.

7、如果你坚信自己最优秀,那么你就U * v H \最聪明。

If you believe that you are the best, then you are the smaA e 2 X j Grtest.

8、未曾失败的人恐怕也未曾成c P @ \ g g f K }功过。

T@ p r T shose who have not failed may not have succeeded.


The sad, ^ ? [ _ N U Mdest thing about people is that they* K 5 R \ D . can’t defeat themsel& s ` W Dves.

10、经历V M * u 1 6 l过磨难的人才是最有财富的人。

He who has experienced hardship is the ricP 2 w a \hest man.


It is better to defeat oneself once than to defeat the enemy ten th\ z ] @ ^ gousand times.

12、成功的人总是愿意做没成功的人不愿* . ( u意做的事。

Successful people are always willing to do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.


Give up anyone can, do n@ D q 6ot give up their own!


Smile and embrace every day, be a warm woman like sunflower.


No matter w$ ! S !hat you do, remember to do it for yourself, there is no compZ ) i j k zlaint.


There is only one failure, that is, to give up halfway.


Life without friend/ s i & y 5s is like life9 d S B 3 M ( F without sunshine.


Take life seriously and be liv* y D T $ J @ely.

19、没有退路的时候,正是潜力发挥最大j I V &的时候。

When there’s no way out, it’s time to maximize your potential.


Peace is fortune, contentment is happiness, purity of mind is wealth, and lack of desire is longevity.


The secy A x i 3 oret of success is never to change the purpose.

22、我的最高原则f r j } w E W 5是:不论对任何困难,都决不屈服。

My highest principle is: never give in to any difficulty.


When the tears run out, they should be stronu 1 r Ag.


Truth, in the silence of a baby, is not in the debate of a wise man.


It is not because of success that we are satisfied, but because of satisfaction that we are successful.

26、在人生舞台上2 } u 3 9 e # F M,从不给落伍者颁发奖牌。

On the stage of life, never award medals to the outdated.; l I E c D


The key to success is our resp* f 7 a [ Z Qonse to fax C & Y T z Wile l [ ^ : ! R Uure.


Life is not t4 n { B ; e Bo surpass others, but to surpass ourselves.


Thoughts are right, blessings are coming, thoughts are wrong, disaster stars are shining.


The collN % Xision sound of steel brazing and stubborn stones is a powerful song.


Men are not ambitious, eml + e ! T / 1pty and born eight feet.


What mat= Q Xters in life is not wher` D 1 3 , l ae you stand, but where you go.


All achievements are due to a dream and baseless self-confidence.


The fog ahead is not my own, but the world.


What you have to do is to make your success faster than your parents’} x ` k ] 7 \aging.

36、当困D _ ] # , Y s苦姗姗而来之时,M C { J K超越它们会更有余味。b – 6 . . u

When hardships come, it will be more aftertaste to surpass them.


Don’t be afraid to pick roses for fear of beingX ~ r w v – g y 1 hurt by the thorns of roses.

38Q T a z 1 v 8 9、实现自己既定的目标,必须能耐得住寂寞] G } J单干。

To achieve their go! n X Dals, we mus1 ~ F [t be able to stand alone.


The light of fireflies, though weak, challenges the darkness.


When people value opportunities,f = i F l b they are inevitably dominated by them.


Old fowl, am1 T $ * Fbition in a thousand miles; martyrs in old age, ambition.

42、任何业绩的质变都来自于量变的积累。T R 4 & 6 ` 3 Z

Any qualitative change iT z % @ k | : ;n performance comes from the accumulation of quantitative change.


This is life. If you don’t want to change it, it will change you.

44、人才进行工作,而天才则进行创6 W m – + | D造。

Talents work, while geniuse? I X n V U [s create.


Youth is not the reason for you to play, but the capital for your struggle.


The top of the mountain is not far away for those of us halfway up the hill.


Better be laughed at for a while thant u K C q 7 for a lifetime.


Diligence is a good training, no effort, no talent.


A handshake is not necessarily a friendship, and blame is not necessarily hostile.


Desperately strive for success, but don’t expect to succeed.


Failure is the price of success.