Because we are eager to avoid mistakes, we are often more likely to fall intoM – @ A h 9 X absurdity.

2: E { 9、世界正处在旅途中,而不T + c Z * o j D是停靠在码头上。——果戈理

The world is on a journey, not a dock.

3、无| , D @ D C f \论何人,若是失去了耐心,就失去了灵魂。——弗兰西斯~ O % y ] c :培根

Whoever los} N o 6 – Ees patience loses his soul.

4、生活中没有什么可怕的东西,只有需要理解的东西。——居里c @ 8 * f & [ = K夫人

There is nothing terrible in life, only som( I h w E cething to understand.


Youth has a future, which is its happiness.


HC w s m 8 ; 6 9ope is a good breakfast, bu| 5 6 g At absolutelyh T ? i r [ the worst dinnef I l 8 ] 2 D Kr.

7、幽D { D默不是一种心情,而是一种看待世界Y I 1 \ ; z的方式。——维特根斯坦

Humor is not a mood, but a way of looking at the world.

8、品味能让人深喜q r y a . (,但不能抓住人。——维特根斯坦

Taste can b` , | 4 J m t je delightful, but it cas * ] # 7 9 1n’t catch people.


It is better to enrich oneself with knowledge than to dress oneself with jewelry.


In countries with inevitably different identities, there must be privy B p $ \ileg? V ; – : $es.


Go% Y Sod luck is enviable, and the victory over bad luck is even more amazing.

12、你笑什么?只Q A y 6 $ h B要改个名b | N p ` / ? B d字,故事W ^ # ,说的正是你。——贺拉斯| b a K 0 [

What’s the smile about? Just change your name and the story is about you.


Good behind beau^ 0 ^ d h I Sty is the origin of beauty.

14、生命是短暂的,浪费时间是犯B N t z罪。——8 R R 7阿尔贝加缪

Life is short and waste of time ik s 0 / _ u . rs a crime.


The true generosity to the future is to give everything to the present.


Genius is nothing more than constant thinking. Eve, { g J | 7ryone with a brain has genius.

17、你明白,人的一| 8 , + A生,既不是人们想象的那么好,也不是那么坏。——莫泊桑

You see, people’s l9 @ p E * 6 $ s 8ife is neither so good nor so bad as people think.

18、Z K * c _ R g Q那些我们不爱的人对我们的爱只停留在表面,很快就会挥发掉。——保罗乔尔达诺

The love of those we don’t love stays on the surface and will soon evaporate.


I pretend to be ruthless, but I really hate my feelings.

20、选择只是几秒钟的事,然后用余下时间来还债。—@ h @ H—保罗乔尔达诺

Choose only a few seconds and then use the rest of the time to pay off the debt.


A person who knoe , P 2 1ws too much will find it difficult not to liw K o 8 Z ge.

22、p O 3 l T 4 t d K要想一下子全知道,就意味着什么也不会知道。——巴甫洛夫

If yu H 3 Y s | /ou want to know everythinE i , z S j ( Wg all at once, you will know nothing.


If your facial features are not right, cod v ; I – 6 ) ? Umplaining about the mirror is not helpful.

24、我不会去找d F { g U { + !麻烦。麻烦一般会找到我。——JK罗琳

I’m not going to get into tr] a x ) \ O ` { Nouble. Troublee # u G # | usually finds me.


Make life a fantasy, and then a fantasy into reality.

26、有疑_ 7 F G ` } K }问的时候,去图书馆。——JK罗琳

When in doubt, go to the library.

27、真相是一种美丽又可怕k k ^ N D Z的东西,需要格外谨慎地对待。——JK& u & F罗琳

Truth is a beautiful and terrible thing tU ) 5 F Y What needs to be treated with gr; D ? K 3eat caution.


Sometimes, we don’t fv y C l %all in love with each other, but with our own love.

29、一切伟大的行动和思想,都有一个微不足道的开始。t s [ ; d Q g——阿尔贝加缪

Every great actR R – k , p G ! !ion and thought has a small beginning.


Learning demands the greatest tension and enthusiasm.


Don’t rely on dreams to fo; C ; s ~ j ? A zrget life.


I live to learn, but learning is not to% z \ \ live.

33、不要玩弄另一个人内心深处的东5 P ] 9西。——维特根斯坦

Don’t play with something deep inside another person.

34、我不如起个磨刀石的作用,能使钢刀锋利,O F % o j [ n , K虽然它自己切不p [ O c u动什么。——贺拉斯

I might as wellK d l E | \ use a grindstone to sharpen the steel knife, though it can cut nothing by itself.


Reasp ( n 2 n ( fonable arrangement of time is tantamount to saving time.


To preve` 9 @ \n) u I * ]t abuse of power, power must be restrained by power.

37; ) S . 9 P 0、上帝要惩罚一个人,必先夺取他的H Z ,理智。——果戈理

If God wants to punish a man, he must first seize his reason.

38、自由不是{ 9 B . Z无限制的自由,自由是一种能做法律许可的任何事的权力。——孟德斯鸠

Frn T m m _eedom is not unlimited freedom. Freedom is a power that can do anything permitted by law2 Y a.


A person can not believe in his own feelings, but can not believe in his own beliefs.+ 4 y &


People should have persevJ N _ j * /erance, otherwise they will achA O ^ !ieve nothing.K t Y % 4 m R _

41、我不是Z ? [ o ( n j男人,而是穿裤子的云。——马雅可夫斯基

I am not a man, but a cloud in trousers.


The deeper one studies nature, the less one knows!k Y | i `

43、政治是一把磨钝了的挫刀,他挫着挫着,慢慢地达到它的目的1 w a。——孟德斯鸠

Politics is a blunt knife of frustration,s 0 f 7 Z , R | which he slowly achieves.

4! q O h \ v _ t +4、我们听说& A ]过的责任只有一个,那就是爱。——阿尔贝加H r W K j

The only responsibility we have ever heard of is love.


Witc R b 6hout despair of life, one cannot love life.

46、无论在{ d m E ) m I什么时候,永远不要以为自己已知道了一切。——巴甫洛夫

No matter when, never think you know everything.

47、最难忍受的孤v = b G ? =独莫过于缺少真正的友谊。——弗$ , q r \ O S G 2兰西斯培根

The most unbearable loneli4 z ] \ K 4ness is the lack of true friendship.


The weak wait for the opportunity, the strong make the opportunity.


Death is, youY { 9 N p * 9 s t add the world and subtract you.

50、实验上的失败,可能成为r m 7 s | ] d发现的开端。——巴甫洛夫

Failure in experiment may be the beginning of discovery.

51、– ! ] { ? ? _ t他心急如焚,竟觉得路比平时长了一倍。——莫泊桑

He was so anxious that he thought the road was twice as long as usual.


Whoever wants to eat nuts must break the hard shell.

53、人必须要有耐心,特别是要有信心。——居里. = x & A M # H $夫人

One must have patience, especially confidence.


It is our choice to express our true self, w+ d J I V D K . nhich is more ims M % Dportant than our ability.


Genius can only4 b H be shown in adversity, but it will be buried in a wealthy environment.


Booe ] = u T oks are sa Q 9hips that cross the sea of time} z X E 4 B x.

57、固然我有某些优点,而我自己最重视的优点,却是我的谦h P , ~ j虚。——孟德斯鸠

Although I have some advantages, myi – % ) ] 7 & s own most important advantage is my modesty.3 R ! 0

58、( * @ m n要把地面上的人看清楚,就要和地面保持距离。——卡尔维诺

If you want to see the people on tv C h [ l r / Whe ground$ c 5 H u ( b B 3 clearly, you must keez X _p a d| e + H u c f – /i[ Q 9 P !stance from the ground.


To judge whether life is worth experiencing is to answer the basic questions of philosophy.


Except for nature, don, ] R f * f‘t use other people’s examples as your guide.

61、少关心别人的逸闻私事,多留意别人的思路观点。F M z F { D g L——居里夫人

CarP g ) B x ce less about otz y g \ 5 } S ~ %her people’s anecdot; V g C } ` Nes and private affaiO @ ( Y F ? 9rs, pay more attention to other people’s ideas and views.

62、在芳香的空气Y k @ F 1 H中似乎飘浮着某种甜蜜,美妙,神圣的东西。——莫泊桑

There seems td G 7 9 M g !o be something sweet, wonderful and sacred floating in the fragrant air.


Death is the beginning of ano7 B 6 V q 2 Fther adventure.