励志英文句子 英文励志短句 与其降低你的开支,不如去尝试增加你的收入,这就是努力的理由。Instead of reducing your expenses, try to increase your income. That’s why you work hard.


一、与q f T e + /其降Y n + ] t低你的开支,不如去尝试增加你的收入,这就是努力的理由。

Instead of reducing your& 3 3 v h , 6 N expenses, try to increase your income. Tha% P {t’s why you work hard.


To live is to open roads in mountains and build bridges in waters. Life, you give me pressT ~ ;ure,b { / : K ~ I also yo4 K s l U q W Wu miracle!

三、在人生的道路上,从来没有全身而退,坐享其成,不劳而获一说。% M ] h p T s `你不努力,就得出局。

On the road of life, never retreat from theq : x whole body, enjoy its achie$ , 6vements and get something for nothing. If you don’t work hard, you’re ou~ / j \ Q D c tt.

四、单枪匹马你别怕,一腔孤勇又m I p ] * Y如何,这一路你可以哭,但不能怂,总得熬过无人问津的日子,x : E K才能迎来掌声和鲜花。

Don’t be afraid to shoot a single horse. What about being alone and brave? You can cry all the way, but you can’t be angry. Y5 6 } R k 5ou have to go through the days when noq L I S 3body cares about it to welcome applause and flowers.S E \ m 7 F ^


Be as eG Q } . : wager to succeed as a drowning person i– Y .s to breathe, and don’t slacken off for a second, or whak i ] D ? gt do you think you’re goiu q [ng to win?

六、所有美好,都不负归期,选一6 $ % N ( O种姿态让自己活得无可替代,没有所谓的运气,只有绝对的努力。

All good things come to an end. Choose a gesturN 1 a | [ pe to make your life irreplaceable. There is no so-called luck, only absolute effort.

七、为梦想选择了远方,便没有回头路可以走。所以,要^ p { ; n w g ] 8么战死沙场,要么狼狈回乡。

Choose a distance for your dream, there is no way bacE N I s y j Q z Vk. So, either die in$ ( h d $ the ba. J _ ^ Pttle or return home in awkwa# V , ardness.

八、身材不好就去锻炼,没钱就努力去赚。别把、窘境迁怒于别人,唯一可以抱怨的,只是c c 2 n H + A J m不够努力的自己。

Exercise whe( _ z h Q 1 S Pn you are in bad shape, a[ ? W l Jnd try to earn\ j ( o 4 d z when you have ni L Y \ Wo money. Don’t turn your embarrassment on others. The only thing you can complain about is yourself who doesn’t work hard enough.

英文励志f T G 1 # V # ~ e短句

九、不为模糊不清的未来担忧,只为清清楚楚的现y ] B E p M T Y S在努力。

Don’t3 8 ! p ~ H worry about the vague future, just strive for the clear present.

十、梦想的坚持注定有孤独彷徨,因为少不了c J { { C他人的质疑和嘲笑,但那y % F u s A | \又怎样,哪怕遍体鳞伤,也要活得漂亮!

Dream perseveZ z \ g _ ) & =rance is doomed to loneliness andJ 1 Y Y ^ ? | hes7 ; e | f / g Qitation, because there is no lack of other people’s doubts an% 8 , \ ^ \d ridicule, but then what, even i5 S \ Uf all over the bruises, also want to live by d t o o Y l ; teautifully!


Rather than pretending to influence others, it’s better to grindI \ V n your teeth and repair yourself.

十二、如果真苦,你哪有时间喊累。如果真惨,你哪有时间觉得丢脸。因为承受得还不够,所以你S g +才有时间抱怨。

If it’s really biu ^ \tter, you don’t have time to shout tired. If it’b : g D X /s really tragic, there’s no time for you to feel ashamed. Because it’s not enoug^ y G wh, you have time to complain.

十三、没有人会为了你的未来买单,你要I o h c [么努力向上爬,要么烂在社会最底层的泥淖里,这就是生活。

No one will pay for you8 \ B |r future. You either try to climb up or rot i6 b ( : V Gn the mud at the bottom of society. That’s life.

十四g r f +、不要尽力而为,而要全6 k E 9 1 P d : ,力以赴,即使没有出色的外表和能力,也要有压倒一切的霸气,用自己的光,照亮自己的路!

Don’t try your best, but try your best. Even if you don’t have excellent appearance and ability, you should have o2 F b u z s ~verwhelming domineering power and use your own light to illuminate y3 ] 8 zour way.

十五、这个社会,是赢家通吃,输者一q ] v无所有,社会,永远都是只以成败论英雄。

In th~ | u ; ) O ; ais society, winners eat everything, losers have nothing, and society is always a heroE r $ v 4 w 7 only by success or failure.


All the anger bas, n ^ , 8 L 1ically comes fromu _ 9 \ 9 lack oA , Pf money. All motivation, basically the goal is to make money; all happiness, basically the sta\ Q 7 l . @ A c *te is rich!


If you don’t try your best, you are not qualified to criticize otX A N S g Khers for not being careful. It’sk ? ? ] U I O g 3 easy to complain, but people who shut up and work hC d c Z 3 L ^ [ kard deserz J & x [ . C @ve more respect.

十八、所谓坚持,就是G 5 P犹豫着、退缩着、心猿意马着,想过99次放7 @ 4 r | [弃,但最后你还是继续往前走了。所谓坚持,有时候只是硬撑的0 R v ; g另一个名字。

The so-called persistence means hesitating, shrinking, wanting to give up 99 times, b; p ! 8 g Gut at last you go on.2 x { N z Q The so-called persistencb q ] e / \ \ ) me is sometimes just another name of hard support.


It’s notR r $ Q 8 l 5 that there’s no water in the well, it’s that you don’t dig deep enough; it’s not that sm S W 7uccess comes slowly, it’s that you don’t work hard enB 2 : J ^ e fough.

二十、车子有油、手机有电、卡里有钱!这就是安全感!指望别人都是扯淡!再牛逼的副驾驶,都不如自1 w 9 b L Y己紧握方向盘。

Cars have oil, cell phones have electricity, Cary has money! That’s the sense of security! Expec+ b t | ^ cting others is bullshit! No matter how hard the co-driver is, it’s better t| * p k Do grip the st| q Ceering wheel by himself.

二十一、别人再好,也是别人M H *。自己再不堪,也是自己,独一无二的自己。只要努力去做最好的自己,一生足矣。为自己的人h C W @ a生负责,为自己的梦想买单。

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